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      Nothing changed in any settings.

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      Got it working properly – don’t know what I changed.

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      Copy & Paste is my friend. Always has been.

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      For some reason your formula resulted in a value of 1 which is converted as a date to Saturday January 1,1900.

      The actual ‘formula’ being used is a direct copy of the same formula that is being used on all the other pages – the other pages display correctly, this one page does not.

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      Thanks – worked like a champ – the bears will be happy to hibernate again 🙂

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      How did it get deactivated?

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      Solved my own problem – didn’t have the W10 machine configured correctly with it’s network identity.

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      In addition to just accessing the printer I still desire the ability to move files between the various machines and their storage devices. While the printer is problem #1, it isn’t the only problem I want to solve in networking.

    • Found I was using the wrong password. Several months ago Verizon e-mailed it didn’t like the strength of my password and I changed it. I don’t outbound a lot of e-mail and forgot about it.

      Entered the correct password and I am good.

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      If your printer is networkable, the easiest way to share it among all of the computers is to connect it directly to your router, either via wifi or with an Ethernet cable. (You will know that it is networkable if it has either an Ethernet port, or wifi capability.)

      Basically, when you install the printer software on a computer, you tell it that your printer is a network printer, and then follow the directions from there.

      Isn’t a Network able printer. Canon 310 from 2007-2008 vintage.

    • Using Verizon DSL – occasionally it loses internet connection. Powering it off and on restores the connection – this has been happening as long as I have been using Verizon DSL and has never been an e-mail problem in the past.

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      Please tell us more about the hardware configuration.
      How old is the PC?
      What is the environment?
      Have you examined the event logs?
      Have you tried having Task Manager running to see what may be happening?


      The box is about 3 years old – was installed when the corporation moved on from Windows XP. It is operating in a clean office environment. Users are SEVERELY limited in what diagnostics they are permitted to run. The FREEZE – just happens, one second you are doing something innocuous, the next you notice the cursor isn’t moving in response to any inputs from the mouse. Task manager would have to be initiated prior to the happening, and even if it was running would not be able to view it if the freeze happen on one of the other applications.

      The screens and applications that are being run concurrently are all necessary for proper job performance, so not using one or more of them is not an option.

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      Thanks Jerry!

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      Was able to get things working properly after I reloaded Citrix.


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      My machine is my own – not corporate. Upgraded it from W8.1 to W10 last week. I am the Admin of my machine.

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