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      I am not having issues with the CPU throttling operation.  My issue is that I ‘lose control’ of the cursor – it vaguely follows where the wireless mouse takes it – flashing and dissappearing on the way.  The touchpad on on the machine has no affect when this is happening.

      The time the cursor can be controlled is decreasing with each use of the machine.  I am putting the machine to SLEEP at the end of each use.

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      Using a infrared thermometer, after having the machine running for 15 to 30 minutes the exhaust from the cooling fans are registering 130 degrees and higher.

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      I started the laptop up in a quiet environment.  In doing so I heard the cooling fan struggling to get started and once started is made a level of noise that would otherwise not be audible if there was background noise such as a TV running at the time.

      When the laptop starts up from cold, everything is fine.  After a couple of hours, the outlet of the fan is warm to the touch and then the ‘fun and games’ start, where in the cursor has a mind of its own etc.

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      What I stated in the previous post worked for several weeks.

      Now there are several manifestations – I reboot the machine and can’t control the cursor.

      I reboot the machine and everything appears fine and shortly thereafter the machine turns off.

      I is configured to stay on when it is connected to commercial power.

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      Think I might have observed what is happening. Browser was working fine as I was descending into the Facebook rabbit hole. Had been descending for a period of time and the entire screen went black for a second or two and then came back to ‘normal’ – normal EXCEPT that all the Facebook elements that had videos as a part of their screen went black as soon as one scrolled into them.

      Then I noticed that the ‘Update’ notification for Chrome had been turned on in the browser. Once I went through the update browser procedure and ‘attacked’ the rabbit hole again – everything worked as intended.

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      @OP, a browser disclosure or whatever is being used to view the videos in the initial post may help pin down the issue.

      Chrome is the browser.

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      The laptop screen is now turning off at the appropriate time.


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      My system is a pedestrian Dell, it is not a gaming computer. All the cards are what it left the Dell factory with when I bought it.

      Stationary images in both jpg’s and pictures embedded in web pages display properly when this happens. Just the video images go black.

      Rebooting the system clears it up.

      To me – it acts like some ‘check register’ in the system has become corrupted.  Rebooting resets all the registers to their nominal values.

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      Updated the software to 22H2 and the screen still doesn’t turn off on the timing specified for it to turn off but the touchpad now works again.

      Noticed that despite having up graded from 21H2, the date of the update is still showing the date from the 2021 update.

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      Another thing –

      I have called up some Google pages with buttons to activate actions.  For whatever the reason when I position the cursor over those buttons – nothing activates.  Right Click, Left Click – NOTHING.

      Other, non-Google, pages seem to work properly.


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      In set up the touchpad is configured to operate when a mouse is active. I can hear the element of the touchpad ‘clicking’ when I press on the various parts of it.

      I’ve had something similar happen on my work laptop and the extra “blob” was the touchpad pointer.

      Try setting the touchpad to only operate if there’s no mouse and, with the mouse plugged in, see if the extra “blob” disappears?

      If so, then the touchpad and mouse drivers are interfering with each other and you’ll need to either update them to newer versions or roll them back to previous versions where you know you didn’t have this problem and see if that fixes things.

      Disabled the touchpad – rebooted

      and now I have 4 blobs ??????

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      When rebooting the system – the screen has two circular blobs in the bottom center of the screen.  Without making any moves with the wireless mouse the screen displays the wallpaper properly.  Once I make a movement with the wireless mouse, the pointer image appears in one of the circular blobs.  The image will mimic what ever image is generated by the cursor activity.  If not being moved, the cursor is not displayed on screen.  When the cursor is visible it is blinking at a rapid rate.

      The touchpad on the laptop will not move the cursor, only the wireless mouse.  In set up the touchpad is configured to operate when a mouse is active.  I can hear the element of the touchpad ‘clicking’ when I press on the various parts of it.

      I have looked through the ‘start menu’ and have not seen anything obvious (to me) that should be creating the circular blobs upon starting the system.

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      I also spoke too soon.

      When I changed the power plan for the power not to turn off when plugged in and the screen to turn off at a specified time (10 minutes) – upon rebooting with the USB antenna for the mouse removed the system reboots and there is no sign of the ‘false cursor’.  However, the touch pad does not present the real cursor.  Plug in the USB antenna for the wireless mouse and the real cursor becomes visible and able to be moved by the mouse.  The touchpad does not manipulate the cursor.

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      No offense intended. I just know that I had a mouse cause the exact issue recently and it was one that worked fine for years. Was still working fine but only issue was the machine quit blanking the monitor. Removed it and the driver and monitor shut off after 15min. Changed the mouse and no more issues. Think it started going bad a month or so before because the screen would be on sporadically when it shouldn’t have been, but I assumed me walking through the house closing doors and stuff caused it. Then it got worse and monitor wouldn’t go off at all.

      Winner!  Winner!  Chicken Dinner!

      Removed the Radio Shack mouse.  Rebooted and installed a NEW Logitech wireless mouse.  All is good and the screen now times out.

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      Wireless mouse has been used with this machine since it was bought in 2018.  The condition that I am seeing has only started within the past week or so.  All devices that are being used with the machine were attached and working as intended for the past year or more.

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