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      I’ve helped many friends, neighbors, relatives, and ‘customers’ over the years with Windows machines and I’m still an avid Windows user myself.  But I stopped at Win 7 and now highly recommend Chromebooks when helping out seniors.  They are MUCH less hassle than Windows and easily satisfy 95% of the folks that I assist.  I’m kind of surprised that Chromebooks weren’t queried in the survey.

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      Our small condo community is managed by a “Board”, made up of volunteer residents.  We use a generic Google email account as the primary source of record keeping.  All email correspondence includes this address and it’s also used as the “owner” of a Dropbox account that gets shared with the Board members.  Hopefully, it will be an easy ‘hand off’ when new members take over at some point!

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      Tracey- In your article, you state: “But only the desktop has sufficient storage for the entire collection of images”. 600 meg was significant ten years ago, but 0.6 gig is not much by today’s standard. This would barely make a dent on a ten dollar 16 gig SD card. Maybe you meant 600 gig of images??

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      Sometimes your cache will also retain a ‘bad’ page and this tends to cause problems. I have found that simply deleting the cache will resolve some of these problems.

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