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    • Hi RG,

      Aww thanks so much, I’ve been on this problem for 3 days.

      I was determined to code this – but 3 days later I had to admit defeat.:o

      Pass it over to those in the know

      We newbies have a pick and mix approach with code – but it always FAILS!

      I have about 500 of these to number – so it was either power shell or my whole next week doing it bit by bit, so you saved me from a big head ache

      This worked splendidly thanks ever so much!!! 😀

      Hope you have a great rest of Sunday now:)


    • Hello RG,

      wow thats unbelievable and you made me go through 2 scripts he he:p

      I can’t believe 2 lines did it

      Well you can’t mess with a tech ninja,

      ahh thanks ever so much

      The other scripts i have dissected and tested them with my broken code – they are licking their wounds –
      I know they will come in handy when i get to that level.

      I can target any column now! That’s really valuable!

      Have a great Saturday!

      much appreciation for your folks talents especially RG 😉


    • Hi Paul,

      I have a folder full of text files.

      From Each Text file I am extracting the Number Line – outputting to csv.
      It works great
      I wanted to extract it to Column D instead of A

      ————-SAMPLE .txt file

      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
      Number: 839723
      consectetur adipiscing elit,

      sed do eiusmod tempor

      incididunt ut labore et dolore


    • Thanks RG,

      let me go away and digest it all.
      I’ll post back – should I not be able to make it work.

      I’m not experienced in csv matters – still working with basic text files:)


    • Hi Joe,

      thanks for your quick reply.

      Pardon my ignorance but where do I put this line as below underneath,

      Get-Content | Select-String -Pattern $Pat1 -AllMatches >> “$OutputFile”

      get-process wmiprvse | select-object basePriority,ID,SessionID,WorkingSet | export-csv -path data.CSV



    • Thanks RG,

      you are a SUPER CHAMPION – 😀

      you beat the mighty stack exchange – been lurking on their for hours fiddling about trying to get something to work:rolleyes:

      I know you can use the bulk rename utility but that was not installed on the other machine – so i had to think of a script

      Im still a powershell baby – but my mini family of scripts are growing:p

      Have a fantastic evening



    • in reply to: VBA Character Webdings #1562762

      Thanks Paul,:D

      i looked everywhere – I followed the protocol and even tried to convert it to a hex version.

      oh well – I may have to think of substituting the webdings for some thing else if its going to be this trouble some:rolleyes:



    • in reply to: Wild Card Bold Between 2 Characters in a string #1562154

      Paul & RG,

      thank you ever so much.

      I try to avoid regex and wild cards – I start off full of hope and soon enough Ive got it all back wards,
      but as we know they are an occupational hazard to the uninitiated;)

      I am very obliged

      Good Evening to all


    • in reply to: Wild Card Bold Between 2 Characters in a string #1562127


      nice to see you again.:D

      I dont know how you did it but its sings beautifully, if there was an idiom to explain my elation.


      Wow I am really impressed, i have spent hours on online regex testers, had to give up in the end.:(


      thanks ever so much

      have a fantastic day!!:cheers:


      oh and as always thanks for the screen shots – i really did have to look at it 3 times

    • in reply to: Number Paragraphs in a Document #1561834

      Cheers Paul

    • in reply to: Number Paragraphs in a Document #1561830

      Thank you Paul and Berton,

      Paul reminded me of a good point – I shouldn’t have empty paragraphs – will write a quick macro for that:p

      I was actually thinking the same thing today, increasing the padding around the paragraphs.

      Word is very advanced – there are still so many functions i have not been exposed to.

      Ok the paragraph numbering works so that will be suffice, I can start from 300 or whatever number I choose.

      thanks gentlemen

      Good day to all


    • in reply to: Number Paragraphs in a Document #1561803

      hi Berton,

      thanks for tip.

      I am trying to manually insert numbers. These are kind of like placeholder identifiers.

      Each document would have a different set of paragraph Numbers.

      P200 Video provides a powerful way to help you prove your point. When you click Online
      P201 Video provides a powerful way to help you prove your point. When you click Online

      I need to insert numbers before each paragraph.

      I know what you mean about lists but these paragraphs are separated, not sure if i can number them that way the built in way?


    • RG,

      what a treat thank you so much

      Have a great week end


    • RG,

      you are too awesome and too kind.

      I have tested it – worked like a charm -:clapping:

      Its all your fault – you have been showing how power shell is pretty awesome – and now I have got the bug.

      VBA is good – but it gets messy having to convert text files to docx – to split – or mail merge split….

      Some times you just want to SPLIT A TEXT FILE – no thrills attached

      Thanks for the awesome – generous help :D:

      Really indebted

      Have a great weekend now:cheers:


    • Hi RG,

      awww, i hope I’m not muddying things up again. Been a long day.:(

      When you have a spare moment, would you be kind enough to see if it splits this file


      I tried and for some reason it did not split it.

      it names it with the file name as demonstrated in your post – so please ignore previous post – got powershell mania today



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