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      I replaced all my HDs with SSD’s (and the system drive with a Silicon Power 512GB NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 which, in 2020, was $52 vs $40 now) under the assumption that they would last longer, so I hope they do. I also increased RAM to 64GB, even though Windows still insists on writing to the drive (which is the M.2 with plenty of space and indexing it turned off). Of course, often I’m using upwards of 70% of RAM (no gaming or video editing) but see further below.

      Crystal Disk info says all my SSDs (ADATA, Airdisk, EMTEC, Team) are “good”, but ranging from 99% to 87%, whatever that means.

       I used to run hundreds of tabs in Firefox.

      While many others may be incredulous at this, I myself have run hundreds of tabs for years, mainly multiple profiles of Firefox when Tab Mix Plus enabled multiple. Since it decided to become more like Chrome I run multiple portable copies of FF Quantum portable, after using the Izheil Multi-row tabs patcher to enable this.

      This for me is much more efficient, as each one can be dedicated to a general purpose.

      With all the above and just a Ryzen 3200G on a MSI B450 pro, I rarely need to shutdown and can keep my standard programs running and, with hundreds of tabs and multiple documents (under customized W/11: TB image), rarely with any slow downs. I thank God for such.



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    • I think that what people object to is Microsoft saying by their behavior “We know what the best way is for you to use your computer, and we will force you to use it as we deem correct and allow you no other option.” “We own a monopoly on the PC operating system and We will do whatever We want to without any regard for your difficulty accessing files that you created on your own computer.” “We are the creator, and you a mere user. You may own the computer, but We will dictate how you may use it.”

      I wonder how long it will be until our cars come with the monopoly AutoDrive System factory installed. You may own the car, but the molopoly AutoDrive System will tell you where it will allow you to drive, and exactly how you will drive there! Oh yes, monopoly AutoDrive does crash your car now and then. But, you did agree to the EULA stating that any losses from the AutoDrive System crashing your car will be borne by you. Does anyone have a problem with this picture? If you do, you might want to keep your old car for as long as you possibly, possibly can. I here predict that XP will be the longest lived product in Microsoft’s history or future! Like Joni said, “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone. . .”

      I thought of such an analogy myself after encountering this under Vista on a previous PC, and although it is an exaggeration somewhat, i can sympathize with the sentiment. But with cars depending on software more and more, you could very well be told that you do not have permission to open your hood or something (or “are you sure you want to allow access?”) all of which could be justified in the name of safety. And with cyberwarfare becoming an increasing threat (Stunext on steroids), the move toward more precautions will be.

      Driving is analogous to using the Internet, as you have a lot of freedom on where to go, and there are places you should avoid, and thus instruction on correct usage and investigating what is running should be emphasized more.

      I actually first ran into this “you do not have ownership” of my own files on my own hard drive using Linux years ago, and i never found the right script to get full read and write rights to an external drive.

      My desire for such freedom is within the context of having extensive daily use of the Internet under W/9x and XP over the course of 10 years and only experiencing 2 viruses, thank God, the last being a due to a free program, the first out of multitudes.

      I have used the mvps host file for years which i think helps, and avoid bad (porn, gambling) sites, and i try to keep an eye on what is running. A helpful utility in this regard isWhats my computer doing? I do think that MS should came standard with an apps that shows you which http addresses the PC is accessing, as well as what i writing to the HD, with an optional log file, while the clock should allow showing CPU usage. I have actually found the former hard to find. If anyone has a recommendation let me know.

      I did use Vista for a while, and found and used the TakeOwnership tweak, and which helps.


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      This is very timely, but I should have read my email earlier, as my downstairs neighbor asked me last night to help get his brand new laptop to connect correctly, which was via cable connection to Verizon DSL, which i also have upstairs, but the one downstairs is only connected to one unit at a time.

      From the day he received the laptop and without any modification, it; would connect to Google and provide search results, but would not go to the search results or news links, etc. Yet it would go to the cached copy of search results and load it if you chose the text only option. This includes using Firefox as well. Yet it would connect normally at work and on my connection, and connects to his PC using the same cable which runs XP

      I then spent 3 hours with HP support, which included reinstalling from the image on the partition and checking the HD to no avail (i think i had a better handle on it than the nice women in India), and the owner decided to return it and took it today before i contacted him. Perhaps the next one will do the same and i will try the steps here.

      I did Google for solutions for this but the problem here must be too quirky to make the top 30 results, and so i thank God for finding this good forum.


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      Informative review. I also use Firefox as the main browser, and IE8 only for a few pages. No saved sessions, multiple tab rows, or ability to determine maximum width, (using TabMIxPlus ext. which enables 16 tabs per row with a 19″ monitor) or change colors (Colorful tabs), embed and save the url of a page, no Googlebar, no themes, and multiple other things one can do with FF or add to it, and which is more the work of a user community. And IE9 has even less tab or address bar space. I only have XP, which i like better than Vista, so IE9 is out anyway, but thank God i can even surf.


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      I tend to agree with Joe on this one. Why install something that needs add ons, plug ins, to this, that, and something else. I’ll stick with IE just because IT WORKS!

      It works, but with limited functionality compared to Firefox and others. For users who basically only want to look at a few pages a basic browser like IE8 may be fine, but for those who want more Firefox offers it. As i do research etc. I often have dozens of tabs open from session to session, and want to do things like save the url with the page, and also to customize the look and functionality of the browser. With Firefox and extensions such as TabMixPlus and Colorful tabs, i can have multiple tab rows, different colored tabs and adjust the min and max. width of them (getting far more screen real estate) while Find in tabs located words among them.

      With Session manager i can save different search session, and with SaveWithUrl i can have the URL of a page placed on the page when saving it, and UnMht enables saving in the .mht format as well.

      Menu editor allows me to customize right click menus, Converter shows metric sizes as standard in a right click menu, Word Count counts words in a selected text areas, and the Google toolbar or the Googlebar offers many options, while the multiple themes which are available allows you to reflect a world of color and variety, thanks to God. And being so conducive to developer add ons, Firefox better manifests the assets and interdependence of a community.

      All this and more is missing in IE8, which has few add ons (and no themes) but i do use it sometimes when wanting to just do a temporary look up of a few pages.


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