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      I was very fortunate – after all my frustrations, I was given a subscription to the Adobe Cloud package with Photoshop and Lightroom….
      Its installed and all seems to work fine – for now!
      Lets hold thumbs!

      Thank you all for your kind guidance and assistance. Many thanks!

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      Hi Moonshine
      This is the process that the first Adobe Techie followed. Same result…………………. Its just the way it is I guess – can’t install!
      I will give it a try for my daughter, and see if it installs on her machine (and behaves)..

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      Thanks for the suggestions……….
      I had some detailed looks at the various options. Only Gimp can open and close existing PSD files…. (with a sketchy compatibility).
      I had a close look at Affinity – it looks real good, and seems to be quite packed full of things for photo editing – but a whole new learning curve for a new program. 🙁
      Photo.net seems to be a good one from reviews, but lacks the compatibility with PSDs
      This is something I realised was important, as all our company graphics are in PSD! so kind of stuck……………

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      Hi there
      This was checked out by the Adobe Tech guys…
      Its latest Windows 10 with all updates installed. No luck!

      Thanks for the suggestion though..

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      Alternatively, I am looking for another photo editor, which is NOT monthly fee based, which can handle light editing, quick improvements and some layerwork. This is for use on a Windows 10 machine….

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      Thanks for the suggestion – yes – I have tried this. The result is the same.
      It seems like Photoshop Elements keeps on trying to find its licence details before initialising. As such, the programme won’t start!

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      I started a thread on this same topic a month or so ago and there are 5 pages worth of discussion.

      Thanks Mr Smith!

    • I will have a look tonight…………! Thanks for the tip!

      I actually thought that MS would eventually have to support more and more machines, to ensure uptake of their OS. It certainly went like clockwork, and seems to work great! (So Far)!!

    • I tried it one last time last night…….
      Guess what?
      The Windows 10 update installed fine, and the machine is now fully up to date with Windows 10, fully activated, and (apparently) working fine!

    • in reply to: Removing Parental Controls – Win10 #1565205

      Hi Joe
      That setting has disappeared with Windows 10’s appearance. MS has changed things.

      When you look at Family, the members of the family appear. Under Children, my daughter’s name appears, and there is one device logged under her name. There is an option to ADD MONEY (of course MS wants me to add money!) so she can spend it!

      The only other settings that are available are:
      – check recent activity
      – purchase and spending
      – screen time
      – under More:
      -Web browsing
      -Apps games and media
      -Find on a map

      I don’t want to remove the name from the family – I just want to remove the restrictions, because her machine still reports that she is being monitored by Family Security each time she logs in.

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      Case ID was sent through to you….. please keep me posted on developments.

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      Hello Gavin
      I have no hair left after at least 2 months of trying to sort things out.

      The end result is this:
      1. Go to your AeroFS Appliance and make a manual backup.
      2. turn off the AeroFS Appliance
      3. Download the latest new Appliance image from AeroFS
      4. Set up the new version (I have 1.3.21)
      5. Restore the manual backup that you have from the old appliance
      6. Let the appliance restore properly and set the IP address etc as you did when you first set it up.
      7. Let the appliance update your AreoFS Clients and TeamServers to the same version – its done automatically, and is pretty fast.
      8. Restart the client OS’s…… this makes sure that the new clients are operating and installed.
      9. Give the Excel files a try again.

      I have found that some of the problems have gone away, but any files that were affected before still seem to give trouble. Its better than it was, but still not ideal.

      I have had the update running for around 2 weeks now, and it seems like it is close to being solved. I will wait for another week before giving them feedback.

      They were very helpful about this!! But I also got the “edge case” and was left out in the cold a little.

      I would check with AeroFS support on how to upgrade your appliance. I would suggest at complete replacement rather than an in place upgrade, just to make sure it wasn’t the underlying OS.

      Let me know how you fare!

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      Thanks Rui – that makes total sense……
      I will probably set up GoodSync to copy to the server at the Office using their GSTP protocol…. that means that I don’t have to be connected to the LAN, but can do that remotely, and if I am on the LAN, it will simply be faster!

      From there, I might consider a scheduled daily job to backup to OneDrive. That can then be the backup, rather than the sync…. this means that I have setup a similar architecture, just a manual setup required on the Goodsync installs. Thanks for helping think it through.

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      Hi Rui
      Thanks for the insight…..
      Is there a reason why you don’t use the Windows native One Drive for Business sync app?

      I have Goodsync (and even GoodSync Server for server backup) so I am good to go with that app.

      I have another question, that might be of interest – I have a work email and connection with MS, so that OneDrive is the main one I would use. I also have a OneDrive for my personal emails that I have with MS as I have my personal emails syncing with Exchange Online – I guess that GoodSync can discern between them since its the profile setup that dictates where the Sync goes to.

      Do you have any suggestion on how I can keep OneDrive and the office server synced with all our info, whilst the work is being done on a laptop both in the office and remotely….?

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      Hi Rui!
      Thanks for your response- how do you use the two together….. that is another solution I have been trying to work out.

      Do you use Goodsync to sync all changes to OneDrive on the basis of when changed, or are you syncing to a central location that uses the OneDrive sync app?

      I have not tried syncing with OneDrive using Goodsync yet…. any tips there?

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