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    • My file manager is xplorer2 lite – 2 panes and simple.

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      Thanks – I use Sunbird as a calendar.

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      Silly question coming up – never heard of Lightning until today – what is it and do I need it?

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      On reading this most recent comment on Windows 10, I fear for my sanity.
      I have great problems with ’tiles’ and the scrolling involved to ‘find’ the one I want, and to change even that for other layouts and functionality seems like change for the sake of it.
      I don’t like finger-work on screen anyway – much less convenient than mouse and keyboard.
      As mentioned in the article, much of this seems to be motivated by marketing, although the marketeers have got it wrong – don’t change for the sake of it – just make the existing more stable.

    • Many thanks to all above – I managed to stop the pop-ups by restarting Firefox with add-ons disabled – no more pop-ups.
      However, this raises its own problems, one of which is that I cannot find which add-on is causing the problem – there seems to be no function in Firefox to manage add-ons other than to add them – one cannot disable them one at a time or delete them.

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      I’ve never had to use a back-up to restore files, so I’m talking theoretically here – I have the old Norton Ghost – it has the facility for a rescue disc, and backs-up to a USB Passport drive.
      It also automatically deletes old back-ups – keeping three.

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      As mentioned by pheberer above, several Canon printers have an attachment for printing directly on to ‘printable’ CDs/DVDs. The results were very good.
      I stopped using Canon printers when three in succession packed up 2 weeks after the warranty expired!

    • I used these two suggestions, but they brought up nothing.

      I’ll try the other suggestions shortly and report back, before updating Firefox.

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      Very suspicious of ‘side-along’ loads, and very aware of bloatware.

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      Probably ‘realistic’ is more apt!

      I don’t know whether it’s the granite or the radon!

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      So you won’t get a connection very often. 🙂

      cheers, Paul


      We do have a connection most of the time – but when the weather is very inclement it is much slower. (Indicator light amber rather than green – rarely red.)

      Just shows – wet stone walls not helpful.

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      I have a detached annexe to the main house, about 40 – 45 metres away (about 50 yards) and needed to extend my Wi-Fi facility to that.
      The main house and the annexe both have stone walls, but I mounted the extender in the annexe next to a window (facing the main house) and moved my main ‘terminal’ also to a window facing the annexe.
      The annexe extender is a Netgear WN2000RPT, and the main terminal is a D6200 DSL modem router. Neither can utilise external aerials (antennae) for connection.
      I found that the connection in good weather is adequate, but in rain it falls out sometimes.
      It was not possible to use wired connections for structural reasons.

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      Recently found that Thunderbird was so slow at downloading and sending e-mails, let alone moving them to a folder that I thought it had locked!
      Eventually I found that Ad-Aware ‘Real-time Protection’ was the culprit – I had to disable it to run Thunderbird.

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      Wasn’t this the adventure that saw a parachute malfunction?

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      I get the ‘Thunderbird thinks this is a scam’ warning when I open Windows Secrets – I just click the box at the right-hand end of the warning bar ‘Ignore’.
      I don’t know how to stop the warnings just for Windows Secrets though – I find the ‘help’ files in Mozilla very confusing; they seem to be written for those who are experts in the field – surely they can write help files for novices – after all they are the ones more likely to need help!

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