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      Sounds odd for a Sony camcorder- I have a Sony Handycam on which the disk is not accessible – one downloads the video files via a computer from its charging cradle, thence to whatever storage medium one wants. It also has a Sony ‘stick’ for still shots.

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      Daewoo used to make a DVD recorder + DVR which could record either and transfer content of either to the other format – model #DF-4100P.

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      I’m using NETGEAR ‘stuff’ – a main D6200 DSL Modem Router and a WN2000RPT Range Extender – these are about 35 yards (32 metres) apart but transmitting through 2 glass panes and any outside weather there may be.
      Reception is variable from nil to good – no obvious variables identifiable.
      NETGEAR tell me that neither of these bits of equipment can be connected to directional or any other larger antennae, and I cannot afford to replace both these items – purchased within the last year – not returnable because there are no faults – they work to some extent.

    • in reply to: ‘Out-of-date browser’ message on websites #1403044

      Many thanks for the hints/tips.
      I don’t downlad anything except from its producer’s site – not even via Cnet unless sent there by the vendor. I have used Majorgeeks but only for a specific utility found via Windows Secrets.

    • in reply to: FF22: Slow or incomplete site loading #1402268

      I get similar problems with IE9 on a Vista machine.
      It also sometimes takes me 3 or 4 attempts to open up the Lounge from an internal Secrets link.

    • in reply to: Windows Update fail: Unable to upgrade to IE 9 #1399585

      I have Windows Vista on an HP machine using a Celeron M processor.
      Internet Explorer 9 will stop working several times a session with the addition of the words ‘Not responding’ on the title bar of the screen, and changes the screen to a pale imitation of its former self.
      I usually have to force a shut-down and re-boot. I have Firefox, but that takes even longer to load than IE9, and that takes just over 90 seconds.

    • in reply to: Microsoft admits failure on Windows 8 #1390913

      Hooray – now just get rid of the ‘Ribbon’ menu system and Windows is properly usable again!

    • in reply to: ZoneAlarm free installation #1389230

      I used to use Zone Alarm some years ago on an older ‘home-brew’ XP Pro computer but I found there were many clashes with other anti-malware programs. The later versions may be better but I went to Ad-Aware (paid) – no problems yet.

    • in reply to: The malware wars: How you can fight it #1389228

      Recently I found my processor (Intel i3 in ASUS A52F, Windows 7) running 100% for a considerable time, so went to Task Manager to find out what was running – zilch!
      I then tried to scan with Ad-Aware – would not run, and then with Malwarebytes – again would not run.
      Then a window opened telling me that System Care Antivirus had detected 38 threats, and the computer needed scanning to remove these.
      This raised very red flags as I had never knowingly installed System Care Antivirus.
      On another computer I googled this program and found it to be malware, and I found some descriptions of methods of removal – most referred to Spyhunter.
      My wife suggested that we try a restore point, and so I ran one ftrom 4 days earlier in Safe Mode.
      Problem solved – much easier that removing dozens of files from Program Data and the Registry.
      As the infection seems to be a ‘Drive-by’ download I cannot discover from whence it came.
      I was surprised that Ad-Aware did not pick it up, nor Malwarebytes.
      Are there (I am sure there are) any further comments and/or advice out there? If System Restore had not worked it would have been a real pain.

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      Try pdf2word – a freebie.

    • in reply to: “Only secure content” error in IE 9 #1386841

      I’ve been having this problem ever since I loaded IE9 – I also get ‘Your last browsing session closed abruptly’ – this is stupid, as I close it myself! The ‘close’ cross on the banner also does not work – the thing seems to go on its own!
      I’ve got rid of cookies and TIFs, and there are only 4 add-ons which were present in IE8 and not added to. I don’t wan’t to go back to IE8 as Paypal already tells me I have an out-of-date browser!

      IE9 is soooooo slow – and often does not connect to links – notably Windows Secrets links!

      This almost makes me want to go to something like Linux, but I am too old to change now, having used Windows since 3.11, and didn’t understand that well either!

    • in reply to: Up against the 2TB drive-size ceiling #1382502

      In Fred’s article a contributor mentioned Ad-Aware and its hijacking of the search engine – my update did the same, but mine is the ‘Pro’ paid version. I had to reset my home-page twice before the system got the message!

    • in reply to: Using disposable email address against spam? #1377161

      I would agree about using Mailwasher – but why not try the free version (cut-down to 1 account) before buying the Pro version? Mind you, the Pro version gives you other goodies as well.

    • in reply to: Why Microsoft killed the Windows Start button #1817673

      For non-expert users, the Start button is vital – one can get anywhere using that quicker than having to scan one’s desktop icons or menu bar or lists of previous files for what one wants.

      Microsoft does not have a reputation for listening to its users – it just goes on its own sweet(?) way regardless.

      Microsoft should concentrate for at least a year on going through its millions of lines of code and removing the ‘dead’ ones.

      As far as I (a non-expert, obviously) can see, there is no advantage in changing things unless they get easier and more intuitive to use, and less pro-active (by that I mean trying to guess what you are going to do and doing it first – usually wrongly!). This has not happened yet.

    • in reply to: Windows Live is dead — get over it! #1332010

      Who in their right mind wants this thing called ‘Metro’?
      It’s like everyone has a petrol-fuelled (or diesel) vehicle and suddenly refineries go out of fashion and one has to go electric!

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