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      As Ted Myers says – Windows 7 sp1 takes a while to download and install – dead right – 4+ hours on an ASUS (Intel Core i3 processor) that’s broadband, not dial-up!

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      Just found my old Windows 3.11 and DOS 6.2 floppies – historical or what?

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      Many thanks to those who advised me on this topic.
      For feedback -I was not able to use the old XP drive for booting, but I have managed to access all the files and data – some by installing the program in 7 and then migrating the relevant data files – Thunderbird needed a new install and then renaming the ‘profiles’ default from the old XP to the name assigned at the install.
      IE favourites transferred that way also.
      A few programs will run from the 7 machine from the (now USB) original drive.
      Took about 2 days to do this.

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      Thanks verymuch for the help and info – I might have to go down that route after all

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      Many thanks to both responders – there is no way I can re-install the old programs – most of them, thanks to M*******t, are out of date they were updates to XP from 68 and NT.
      Those I can find would have to use the old drive as the data source.
      I suppose I could try to get a second-hand processor of the type that fried??!

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      Kind of you to explain – but it seemed vaguely similar to me.

    • My question is the same as Complete Editor’s at the start of this thread, BUT my reason is that my old Pentium 4 processor died – so the re is no way I can migrate files in the usual way.
      I have today purchased a Windows 7 laptop as a substitute, and want to know if I can use the XP drive as an external USB connected drive and boot from it to continue using XP – leaving the Windows 7 for other things?
      So far not impressed by Windows 7 (my favourites were XP and 3.11!)

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      As I don’t use most of the programs mentioned, despite finding the article interesting, I don’t need them.
      In my opinion, Microsoft didn’t help by making it possible to do things in many different ways – I would rather have the system of ‘if this, then that’ rather than ‘if this, or this, or this or this, then this, that or the other’.
      Perhaps I’m not cut out for the electronic generation.:huh:

    Viewing 8 replies - 61 through 68 (of 68 total)