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      Well, I got no responses – so I went ahead and wiped the iPod anyways! I had iTunes recreate the system and I am now using the iPod in its ‘temporary’ mode. I am going on vacation like this. When I get back, I will try to re-establish the previous iPod I had before I left. One never knows, but I suspect I’ll be fine. I’ll let you know – in case someone in the future has the same issue!

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      Thank you both for the advice. Steve, I will look into that program and see what happens. BATcher, I am not yet sure if I am ready to wade into the Linux waters! Maybe when I am on vacation and have some free time…

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      That is what I found as well – like I said in my first post, googling lead to a lot of non-answers or unclear answers. I was hoping I could bump into someone who has actually done this before, or who is wise enough to tell me a simple way to do this. Likely not gonna happen, but it can’t hurt to ask…

      Probably need to ask in a Linux forum somewhere.

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      I do not believe it is U3 — although that question has come up. I believe U3 is a propriety design from SanDisk. Also that uses a “launchpad” startup screen that I don’t have. This appears to be a simple, cheap USB Flash drive. One partition is done in “CDFS” (cd file system) — which I am told is simply an “.iso” file that contains the files and has been ‘appropriately burned’ to the drive. Since it is an .iso, the OS treats it like a CD. Also, people have posted that you can delete the CDFS partition, but (so far) only using the ‘fdisk’ function from Linux – not Microsoft. Microsoft treats it like a true CDR and you can do nothing with the partition – no writing, no deleting, no renaming – no file system functions at all.

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      No, it is not for a bootable drive, but it is for tricking the OS into believe the USB drive is really a CD. Believe me, it CAN be done — I am holding one in my hand — I just want to figure out exactly how! Initially it was just a simply question, and now I am afraid it is becoming an obsession! smile

      Someone one knows how it is done, and I just need to find that person! I feel like Dagney Taggart looking for John Galt. Anyone have those cigarettes with the gold dollar sign on them? smile [That reference may become a lot less obscure after Angelina Jolie takes on Dagney…]

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      OK… do I need to post this in a Linux forum — or can any one direct me to the best forum in which to post this question? Thanks.

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      Isn’t this the Level1Remove key?

      Here is some of the technical aspects:

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      To all: THANK YOU!

      Joe, you had it pegged. Well – DUH! – I did have “winexit.scr” running from Scheduled Tasks. I now remember installing it many years ago just to guarantee my computer would log out if I left the house. I did not want my young kids inadvertently erasing important files while I was away. Years have passed and I never thought about it again — until Joe gave me that link! I would probably still be scratching my head if it wasn’t for that. I appreciate the advice.


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      I don’t believe I have “winexit.scr” running, but I will double check (it is my home box).

      Is there anyway you can post a summary of the result from Experts Exchange? I really don’t want to give my credit card information for a free 7-day trial. And with the number of adds on the page, why are they charging? If you don’t feel right paraphrasing their answer, I will understand.

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      Yes. Hibernation is not enabled. And when I come back to the box, my selected/assigned screen saver is not what I see. Instead I see the generic/default WindowsXP icon floating around the screen. And my user has been logged off, so that if I hit a key or move the mouse I am taking back to the XP log on screen where you select the user. And if I log back on as me, the Defrag utility is not running. Everything has been shut down.

      Weird. I don’t get it. Where else is power management controlled?

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      This may be of interest as well:

      The “shlwapi.dll” file seems to be updated frequently, and Amy must have a mismatch between this DLL and others on her computer. It is called the “Shell Light-Weight Utility Library”

      Amy, check to see what version you have. The one on this hotel’s box (IE7 and WinXP Pro) is 6.00.2900.2823 (xpsp.060106-1527).

      Perhaps downgrading to IE6 and then upgrading to IE7 will fix the problem? Should update all of the DLL’s appropriately.

      Another forum mentioned the running the system file checker *might* fix this. Type “sfc /scannow” in a Run box.

      Geek note: Microsoft states “SHRegGetValue” has been deprecated and programs should be using “RegGetValue” in its place: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb773536.aspx%5B/url%5D

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      One caveat – I don’t beleive IE typically gives you that exact warning. Doesn’t it typically tell you that you have entered a different password and ask you if you want to change the previously stored password? Perhaps the message is coming from the web site itself?? Just a thought.

      Regardless, you can review your stored password by using this tool:
      However, some anti-virus programs do not like this program and consider it a threat and making it unusable… But for a private user on your own machine, I don’t see it as an issue. You are only asking for your own passwords.

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      Thanks. I would never have guessed the postal codes! I just wanted to see how it worked for me. I am able to print the page and map with IE7, so I am at a loss as to why the OP cannot…

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      Could you possibly give us some sample addresses to put in? I tried to make some up and I was not successful!

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      If they items were hidden, and all of a sudden appeared, does that mean that they were recently active? Now, why would a bunch of programs supposedly running in the background suddenly become active? I don’t know. But perhaps something triggered them — like a virus scanner?? Just guessing, but I think it has to be something as benign as that. (Ridicule not frowned upon).

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