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      In theory, all of the items in msconfig are supposed to be checked. It is generally thought of only as a diagnostic tool. If you don’t want something to start, you can remove it more permanently using a startup utility.

      That being said, many people use msconfig as a startup utility — and I guess you are one of them! The above answer is likely what you want. I don’t know of any other backup to msconfig. The data is stored in your registry, so you need to look at your registry from a few days ago.

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      Hmmm… In msconfig there is usually a check box next to each item you want removed. If you removed the checks, simply put them back in and it should be fixed. Of if you want all enabled, select Enable All. Isn’t that correct??

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      Tools | Internet Options | Security tab | Custom level | Display Mixed Content

      Change from Prompt to Disabled. May not be recommended, but it is your choice.

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      The simplest and most complete way is to simply sync your Palm to Outlook. This implies you still have a functional Palm device.

      Now, it depends on which sync conduit software you are using: Palm Outlook Conduits or Chapura PocketMirror. Over the years, Palm supplied you with one or the other.

      If you have Palm Outlook Conduits, see this page: here

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      Interesting. FWIW, we found the following reported items might also be responsible for this:

      1) Add-ins (i.e., PDF creator add-in from Adobe, business contact manager add-in) (Solution: remove Add-ins).
      2) An update causing a glitch in the way DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) works. (Solution: Turn off DDE).
      3) Kodak Easyshare Software. (Solution: remove)
      4) Another guy recommended unplugging all network cables
      5) Someone also mentioned a “networked printer” causing the problem.

      The DDE issue seemed to fixed the “problem” for several users. You can read about how to temporarily fix it (for Excel) here. You can modify Word .doc files the same way — if you so desire.

      This is not ideal, because it disables DDE — which coordinates several Office programs — such as allowing Word to open Excel spread sheets into a Word document. It is a personal choice.

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      Yes. This is what I get if I try that. Could they be using a different port? I guess, but certainly not on my home machine. And they do not seem to want to tell me which port to use…

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      Too bad!

      I have Charter Pipeline cable, and they do not let me send mail using their standard smtp.charter.net if I am not on my home cable connection. I can collect my mail via POP (pop.charter.net), but I cannot send. I assume they are looking at IP addresses or something.

      My solution for my laptop is to create an account that receives via Charter POP, but then uses a web-based mail service to SEND my email.

      The only caveat is that you might also need to create a second account for the web-based email that sends and receives via that account. That is because if people Reply to mail from the first account, the reply might go to your web-based mail POP account.

      Now, I think if you modify the “Reply To…” line, this becomes less of an issue — but people may still copy and paste your address, or ‘add sender to address book’. So to be safe, it is best to have both accounts. While this may sound cumbersome and confusing, since Outlook processes everything, it all happens behind the scenes and works fairly seamlessly.

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      No blank cells.

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      Well… so much for artificial intelligence. The first row is formatted quite differently — Bold, Centered, different Font size, not enclosed by borders — yet it gets “sorted” like any other row if I select it with the other rows!!

      Oh well, it was worth asking. Thanks.

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      Ooops! After I reviewed Hans’ post I realized I was using FireFox (I use both!). Yes, the image appears in FireFox, but not IE7. I am sure Hans has it pegged.

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      Good thought. Yes, it is formatted differently. I’ll try it next time and get back. Thanks Hans.

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      To both:

      Sort of, but I swear I do the same thing routinely once a week. And I don’t always get the same result. One would expect Excel to be consistent.

      Let me explain (in case it helps). I use a Palm device (yeah, someone still uses them) to record the “work” I do all week. It is recorded in HandDbase (a database program). At the end of the week, I download this and convert into in an Excel sheet. I open this sheet, select all of the data I need, selectCopy to save this to the clip board. This saves a ‘block’ of data that is about 20×10 cells in size (rows x columns).

      Next, I open a “blank.xls” sheet (which I use as a template). This sheet is, in part, pre-formatted to accept my data. That is to say, it has column headers that label each column appropriately. I always paste my data starting in cell A2. Next I run a Macro that sticks in the borders, centers the columns I want centered, and adjusts the size of each column to the appropriate width. I am almost done.

      Lastly I want to alphabetize the list, so I select the area I need to alphabetize and I hit the Sort A>Z button. It works the way I want about half of the time. Now, there IS a header row built-in that I do NOT select — this header row is always the same and it exists un-touched in the “blank.xls” file.

      I have done this for at least 10 years with very little variation! It works sometimes, but not others. Any other thoughts?? Thanks for humoring me.

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      To you both – a gracious thank you. Sometimes it is the simple annoyances, once removed, that make your day go by some much nicer!


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      OK, sorry, I spent a half hour messing around with this and I THINK I got the Macros stored where I want them.

      HOWEVER, if the Macros are stored in Personal.xls (which I have as a hidden file), why does Excel feel compelled to warn me as I open another file WITHOUT Macros that the file MAY have Macros? I wiped out (as best I could) any residual Macros (except for the two I use regularly, which I made double-sure are stored in Personal.xls). So why do I have to see a warning each time I open an Excel file warning me that it may contain Macros? (No, only personal.xls has Macros).

      Is there a simple solution, or do I have to live with these warnings? They are almost as annoying as the warnings telling you that you need to “Notify” that you are opening Personal.xls! Is there a way to kill those messages as well?? Thanks for humoring me. Just trying to make my life less annoying… Cheers. R2

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      Alan, I have been complaining about this for decades (it seems like). I have loved Baxbex (or however one cases those letters) for years because of their IrfanView context menu add-on. But this is arguably much better — or at least something I will use DAILY. Thanks for the info.

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