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      One issue I’d like to see addressed for these password managers is the ability import and export passwords.  I have over 1000 passwords between personal and business accounts.  While I’m not currently looking to change my password manager I have changed in the past.

      Sometimes it was easy but other times the old manager was so protective that it wouldn’t export.  Sounds like Password Kludge 1.0!

      I also store other sensitive information in my password manager such as account numbers, credit card numbers, or other passwords that I want to reference while I’m on a site.  Do any of the recommended password managers have this capability?

      Thanks for the articles!

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      What about an upgrade from Win10 to Win11. Does bitlocker come into play if the Win10 install didn’t use it?

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      I have used OneNote for a long time.  I went through some aggravation with transitions between versions but the one thing that has kept me with it is it’s ability to evolve and grow as my needs changed.  I started out as a young engineer with a small snap ring notebook where I kept written technical notes, equations and equipment info that I found myself looking up all the time.  Once I stumbled onto OneNote I starting using it like the snap ring notebook with pages of info.  The beauty was that I could easily rearrange the pages, sections and even notebooks as my needs changed.  No way I could anticipate what my notebooks have grown into.  As a business owner who performed all his own IT functions as well as running a business with taxes, insurance, agreements and contracts as well as personnel information, OneNote has been able to keep up.  To me that’s the strength of OneNote – it’s ability to evolve over time as my needs (and ideas about organization) have changed.

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