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      Update:[/B] It took ten days, but all Linux versions of Chromium and Firefox should now have updated Flash Player plugins, as of July 16, 2014.

      Even better idea: Why isn’t Pepper API available as a Flash Player alternative, especially on Linux? I find it impossible to understand why Chrome (and Chromium, with one alteration, which isn’t all that hard in Linux Mint) are the only two browsers supporting Pepper. Nothing else is allowed to access it. This is very disturbing, especially when some Flash apps work incorrectly in Chrome/Chromium, regardless of OS!

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      Best I can give you is four words to show up the inadequacies of Arial’s spacing between ‘r’ and ‘n’, and ‘i’ and ‘l’:


      What was wrong with Lorem ipsum anyway? Cicero was quite a good chap…

      What’s even worse about Arial is this: (this gets ugly fast, and was a huge problem in one MMO (Lyra Studios’ “Underlight”) I used to be in)

      Kelos KeIos
      These two words look the same, but in fact….
      Kelos KeIos This reveals that the second is a “spoofed” version of the first, using an uppercase I instead of the proper lowercase l. This was a very big problem in that game, because hackers were finding the names of popular players and spoofing them, then attempting to get them in trouble. It finally fell apart when some of the hackers made the mistake of showing up while the players whose names they’d spoofed showed up in the same room as the spoofer, and those responsible lost their accounts. In some cases, they were (and still are) banned for life.

      As for the need for a new “space-filler” to replace the Lorem ipsum? I so rarely use the thing that I have no useful comment. Only a true and total loathing of anything Arial. For that matter, many sans serif fonts share a similar weakness, although not always with the same letters.

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      I figured I would take a guess at this. I had to uninstall OpenOffice.org a while ago to recover disk space, so I’ll have to depend on you to test.


      [[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]] .{9}: 

      (Note: I used {9} because MSAPulsar has 9 characters. If you need to match a variable number of characters, other than the colon, the regular expression would need to change.)

      Find — OOo paragraph marks:



      Find — OOo newlines:




      Find = 2 spaces
      Replace = unicode value of non-breaking space and one regular space:


      Okay, those sound like they might work. Admittedly, it sounds a tad arcane, but seemingly all regular expressions are. Very slowly learning the ins and outs of OOo’s regex, and this does seem to help. Of course, it would be handy if the folks who code the thing would create appropriate macros accessed in a way similar to Word’s. It’d save a lot of grief.

      I’m a computer repair tech and OOo leaves me scratching my head at the weirdest times. (BTW: Most versions of Office are far larger than OOo… And much, much more expensive)

      I write a fair amount, and OOo has simply worked, except for specialized cases like these. Will have to try the ideas, see which work. (though I think the last two would work, based on a rather convoluted situation I found myself in due to a change in the Standard Manuscript Format (which ain’t quite so standardized).)

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      I would also install the free spywareblaster which you update weekly and then enable all protection so the shield is green, no scans to run it just helps protect you from certain known bad sites.

      Had lost the URL. Thanks, R-C.

      1.Go to your HOSTS file which is located at:
      C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC for windows Vista and XP
      C:WINNTSYSTEM32DRIVERSETC for Windows 2k
      C:WINDOWS for Windows 98 and ME

      2. Open HOSTS with Notepad.

      Won’t work in Windows 7 at all. For Win7 (and probably Vista and XP as well), you must run Notepad in Administrator mode. (tap the Windows key, type Notepad, R-click “notepad.exe”, select “run as administrator”, respond to UAC) or you can’t save the resulting file where it needs to be.

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      Unfortunately, Writer does not have the friendly representation of special characters that you have in Word, so I’m afraid you are stuck using regular expressions to do this sort of thing. ODT may have a small footprint, but not the sophisticated tools.

      I am well aware of this. That’s why I asked for help to figure out what’s needed to replace the stated Find and Replace instances with their OOo equivalents, if indeed there ARE. Right now, my workaround is a true kludge; I first open the log in Word, do the S&R(s), then save it as a DOC file. I then reopen the DOC in OOo, saving it as ODT, then delete the DOC file. “Kludge” is almost a compliment for this sort of thing.

      I’d prefer to not have to use Microsoft Office at all, especially since Win7 doesn’t play nice with certain aspects of Office 2000, which is the only version I own.

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