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      Thanks for your help – I am going to have to look at some sort of data referencing for them. Nearly scuppered the upgrade to 2007 this am as originally the dept thought this was a bug!!!

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      Exactly what I was after – thanks

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      Many thanks this has solved my problems – apologies for the delay in thanking you BT cancelled my broadband order on moving house and have only just got reconnected!!


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      Unfortunately this gives me a data point for Quality and another for Customer Service. I am loooking for one data point which reflects both. If each range from 1 to 6 and I have a 1 for quality (x) and 6 for customer service (y) I would hope to find the data point in top left of the chart. If I have 6 for quality (x) and 1 for customer service (y) I would hope to find a data point in the bottom right of the chart.

      I think I am going to end up drawing something in powerpoint!!!

      Thanks anyway – Roberta

    • Thanks for your help – deleting and recreating sorted it

    • Thanks this worked a treat!

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      I have now moved all the files to one folder (there are about 500 – which is why I really don’t want to have to open them individually). I know how to write a macro to open a particular file. I can also write a macro to change a password, but I do not know how to automate the process to open them one after another.

      Help!!! Regards Roberta

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      Unfortunately, without opening each file, I cannot establish which have the password and which have not. Is is possible to open every file in a folder or sub folder and then reject those where the password is incorrect?

    • Thanks – easy whey you know how!!!!


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      Brilliant thanks.

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      apoliogies think I should have placed this in internet explorer section – have copied to there.


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      I could not agree more. Another option – If you open the mail merge toolbar and select the toolbar options – (far right down pointing arrow head). and then select add or remove buttons, mail merge, you will note at the bottom that the ‘insert merge field’ is not selected. This is the one which was always available previously and is different to ‘insert merge fields’ which is on the toolbar.

      Select this one (which means you can click and select fields as you want them and put punctuation easily in between). I also deselect
      ‘insert an address box’, ‘insert a greeting line’, ‘insert Merge fields’

      I then arrange the toolbar so that the buttons are available as follows: ‘Main document set up’, ‘Open data source’, ‘Mail Merge receiptients’ (if I want to create a query), ‘insert merge field’, ‘insert word field’. This then pretty much puts the toolbar back to how it was originally, I then work from, left to right.

      Quickest way to rearrange toolbar is to hold down your Alt Key and then click and drag to new positions, or indeed drag off to remove.

      If you want to return it to how is was before rightclick toolbar area (or select tools menu), select customise, select toolbar tab, click mail merge toolbar and then selet reset (top right).

    • Many thanks – this has worked brilliantly. This has got me some brownie points ahead of my 3 month appraisal tomorrow!!

    • herewith cut down version.
      Just with tables
      query and report

      Thanks for your help

    • Opps – try this one –

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