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      In any case, if you boot from an Acronis created bootable drive, yes, you will be able to backup teh 3 computers.

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      Unfortunately, I have found through acquaintances or family members, that there seems to be no way to get Windows Phone past that phase. Even a factory restore hasn’t been able to solve the issue, in my experience.

      Windows Phone seems quite picky about SD cards and once it starts stating there are problems, I have never been able to recover from them.

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      Count your blessings Rui! I live in the US, which has relatively poor internet service–and very poor when the cost is factored in. I can’t imagine how many weeks it would take to upload 55GB, my biggest program download of 30GB took 15 hours.

      That’s quite bad and I can say I know how that feels. During a good part of my work week now, I need to live with 4G mobile broadband which, although advertising top speeds of 145 Mbit/s, sometimes is almost useless. It’s terrible, in fact, and online storage is really worthless while I am on 4G.

      Some services used to have a ‘seed’ function, where you’d start out by sending them a disc/disk with all your stuff, which they’d add to your account. I assume such service still exists.

      Those services exists, for example, for Azure, but I don’t think they exist for OneDrive, at least not that I am aware.

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      I don’t think these online storage offers, in terms of volume, are good for anything but backups. Even with a decent internet connection, it takes time to upload a few GBs.
      Having easier to use ways to manage the data won’t affect that upload speed, and the upload speed will be a factor for any large scale use of the alloted storage.

      I currently use about 55GB of my Office365 included 1 TB of storage. It took a few hours to get there. I use it in the hope I will never need to use it, if you know what I mean.

      I am aware that this is not very helpful, sorry for that.

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      Enjoy the retirement, Tracey and the very best of luck.

    • There are no problems with leaving Wi-FI always on. Mine sure is.

      While you are connected to the Wi-Fi, yes, you will not be using your mobile data.

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      I actually saw a system perform much worse after it was installed. I avoid all of these like the plague.

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      There is talk about a “Surface Phone”, but it’s not confirmed.

      I think the HP Elite x3 was released recently and there is some talk about some models from Alcatel, but the hardware scenario doesn’t seem too populated. I guess the solid offers are still the Lumia 950 and 650 devices.

      There are also new Windows Phones promised from a new company, Wharton Brooks, I think, but they seem to have suffered a delay:


    • For SQL Server 2012, you need to download the corresponding Feature Pack: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29065

      It has a lot of stuff, most of which you don’t need, but I am not sure whether you can avoid what you don’t need.

      Probably you need to download this and install it before you attempt to install either the app (which you already have, so likely you may skip it) or SQL Server 2012. Maybe have the support guy try a new SQL Server setup after you install the feature pack?

    • It seems the app used SQL Server 2012, in the old PC. You also stated that you seem not to have any version installed in the new PC. I didn’t quite understand what happened with the Prime installation – did the installation complete or not?

      The error message you stated earlier about the missing dll could possibly be solved by download SQL Server Management Objects… So I guess you need to decide what to do. Did you uninstall the app after the error message showed up? And what version does Prime require – is Express enough or does it require a paid version? What does Prime support tells you need to do?

    • The error message seems to point to a missing DLL, like from SQL Server Management Objects. In order to download it, you will need to know which version of SQL Server is being used by the app you mentioned.

    • I think Emsisoft is based on Bitdefender, so probably running both at the same time wouldn’t add much to the protection you already have, if it was possible without conflicts, which I am not sure it is.

      I would run Emsisoft and Malwarebytes Pro instead – I actually do that :).

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      You can’t inline images here. Please post it as a normal image.

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      There are sites specific to hosting and you may get more well founded advice there. Here is one: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/

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      Agreed [as a WD user], not good.

      However, I have different priorities than you. Preventing infection is not my main security strategy goal, preventing data loss and significant downtime is what I’m after. WD plays a useful role in company with careful habits and backups.

      Backups are where I focus to achieve my goal. I believe the security industry has shifted focus in recent years from prevention to recovery, accepting that prevention is not a viable strategy. Me too.

      For me data loss is not the only concern, although it is a relevant one, obviously. I use my computer to perform operations where staying clear of infection is most relevant. I want, as much as possible, to prevent hacking to my bank, paypal, amazon accounts, etc. Focusing just on data recovery is not good enough for that.

      I am not sure I agree that prevention is not a viable strategy. If it were not, there would be no point in using AVs.

      I believe prevention is as relevant here as in health care. If prevention cannot do it, then you already know it’s going to cost you more…

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