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      As I wrote before, the ISP’s obligation stops with one connection to one computer so anything related to a network like a switch or router is not only off limts for them but a convenient excuse for not helping out (cuz they know lots and lots of people actually do set up networks with thier connection).
      I would be all over them for reasons that I could no log into or reset the modem properly though. It doesn’t make sense as you’ve proven with more support calls. So I would make them send a replacement, unless they just came right out and said that they’ve configured it this way now on purpose.
      Getting your own modem is an option I guess if you find one that’s compatible but I would also just go with the router since I think you said (once upon a time) one was available for such duty.

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      1)If there is any flash running with the streaming, I’ve experienced CPU load in excess of 50% on a 1.67 Ghz…no flash ads, then it is high.
      2)If you know when it started acting up, system restore to before that date, see if you can get a known good registry back in there, and if that does it, stop messing with the registry.
      3)Turn off all startups in MsConfig and see what change there is, if any.
      4)Check hard drive with long test of SeaTools.
      5)Try an XP repair install.
      6))Image drive to another one then install XP fresh to see if its still a problem or if it was just bit rot from years of use (and accelerated by rigistry cleaning). If it doesn’t perk up then its hardware related for sure.

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      You guys might want to PM one another and possibly see if you have any programs in common running in the tray, or some common settings that might be causing this.
      Or maybe go into MSConfigure and disable most or all startup processes and see if that does anything. Just shake the tree ideas, all I have

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      Check your system’s time for accuracy. You’ll get all sorts of warnings if its off since web certificates and such are time-sensitive.

      If that’s not it try another browser and see what happens. If its confined to one browser then reset all the settings for that browser (and stop addons and extra toolbars if any as well).

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      Does Live Mesh go peer to peer over a local network at network speeds? In other words, is there more overhead with a web-based exchange (“handshake”)? I’ve only used it as off site poor man’s backup over the Internet with a friend.

      I think the free versions (non-business) of Syncback and AllwaySync are terrific and all that’s needed for anything local. Then there are only two annoyances with true syncronization; the data preservation is so good (if its in 3 locations) that one has to delete an unwanted file from all locations or it will repopulate at the next run (or run a special profile once in a while that is set to delete files not in the source after you’ve deleted them there. Also should one file become corrupt or the previous version be needed, its gone or replaced by the bad one after the profile run.

      Of course Win 7 does shadow copies now though so its very possible to go pull the working version of the file from there if its noticed in time. I’ve only had one file get corrupted after many years of use though so the risk is low.

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      If you meant the above as purely a statement of your personal opinion, that’s fine by me – but it came off as somewhat more presumptuous than that

      It was mildly presumptuous, I can’t think of anything non-Orwellian where its ok to make the decision for the customer. Replace dictate with suggest however and I see no problem, and one can even make the changes then with the customer’s consent.

      I’ve had a couple of browser hijacks…in 2001…the last time malware has ever darkened my doorstep…I know what I’m doing when it comes to keeping badies out but I would never be so presumptuous as to set up anyone else the way I am setup. You’d know what I mean if you had some project or something that pretty much only you knew the ins and outs of. I know when to back out, what not to touch, what to ignore; and when. I make the occasional forays into dangerous territory, see and almost touch what’s trying to get on my system, comfortably step back and cut it off in mid-leap. At least 80% of customers could not do that, they need ALL the tools available…and they are still going to get infected at an enormous rate. Someone who lives and breathes power supply exhaust always forgets how in tune they are with the nature of computers, seeing obvious cause and reaction where others see nothing. At least I see that all the time…but I’m extremely introspective and analytical…not so good on the artistic side

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      Not long ago I read about SyncToy 2.1 and it’s ability to adjust disk backup pathnames dynamically. I think thats what you need with 5 different drives. Then instead of VersaPro tap tap tapping away the day waiting for a drive on H, it recognizes the backup on E or F and…done.

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      Yap, the thing that kept and keeps me from thinking the modem has been “preconfigured” is that it seemed to have worked before a new connection had to be set up…plus as I mentioned, its going to shoot tech support costs significantly higher–but then there is firmware updates that can be pushed out and corporate stupidity.

      I think you are saying that the router can act as the modem also?

      Something like that, the modem is also a router when it works , so another router that works….works, and, you put the settings for the connection into it as well, so it looks like one computer to the modem, so instead of the connection getting passed thru to your computer, it is intercepted and handled by the router….and then distributed from there through local I.P. addresses to each computer. The router gateway I.P. address will most likely be or or In the case of it being, I would ordinarilly say you need to change it but since the Westell router doesn’t seem to be alive, there won’t be a conflict with identical gateway addresses.

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      An image a day is too much. I make one upon initial setup, when eveything is just right…and then maybe just before a major change that would adversly affect recovery time if something went wrong, and then just after, if everything was ok…for me that’s not very often because my definition of major change is very broad.
      Data on the other hand is a good idea to back up daily, but are you the type who might want an old version of the same file? Then keep on keeping on with your current setup, it does versioning nicely (new copy every day) but it will still suck the Gigs down in storage space–not sure how to set auto delete of old backup in Win 7. If you don’t need versioning, just a backup, syncronized or not, and don’t have to worry about disk space usage growing out of control on the backup, try something like AllSync, Syncback or even Microsoft’s own tool, SyncToy. Those options all make one to one backups as well so you can see if the backup is working correctly by spot-checking and if using true syncronization, it doesn’t matter where you get the file from and work on it…it will syncronize to the other location and be backed up. For me, that is important and also the one to one backup is important…I think Windows 7 just zips everything up and you think its backed up but you have no way of knowing for sure unless you can crack open the right zip file and take a look…not acceptable under the policy of best practices…unless there is an additional 2nd backup location…say online or some other off site method…then its not as risky, and when I say risky, I don’t mean there is a high risk, just slightly more risk than keeping a backup one to one.

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      You may be missing the step where you capture the USB port device to the XP Mode installation (its in the menu if its there). Until then, only Windows 7 knows about the device becasue it is the host operating system. If Windows 7 doesn’t recognize the device as anything at all (even unknown device would be ok as long as it shows up) then it won’t show up in the capture list and you won’t be able to use it in XP Mode.

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      Perhaps I should have said, doesn’t bother me, 3000 extra enties wouldn’t bother me, 30,000….perhaps a little…so sorry for that. I literally wouldn’t know, cuz I never look. I put the priority on just processing the heck out of tens to more than a hundred gigabytes of information every day. Now if THAT process were to get compromised…then I’m bothered plenty of O’plenty!

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      If the modem won’t reset no way no how, that pretty severely restricts your options. When you press the reset button with a paperclip end or something equally small and delicate, can you feel the little almost silent “click” as the contact is made? It wouldn’t be disabled becasue that’s one of the tech support methods for getting a connection going again and that’s always going to beat an onsite call, but maybe its just not functioning. Support didn’t have you try anything with the modem before configuring the connection on your computer? If they did, maybe that was their backup plan because they also encountered a problem.
      As PT wrote, maybe an alternative method for reset will work

      If not and can’t get the modem replaced for some reason…next best thing would be to set up your own router. The router would be configured by the same browser log in method and it needs to have all the connection information entered into it that is currently in the settings for that connection on your computer. Then the router would handle the DHCP requests for all the computers so they can all be connected at the same time

      It appears that Eddie is running Win XP Pro SP3. Any mention of Win 7 functionality may not be appropriate

      Should be the same, except I don’t think XP starts a new wired network connection dialogue automatically.

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      Assuming you already have and image and/or backup of all important data, get Crystal disk infoand see what that says about your drive(s). Also consider getting and running the long test of Seagate disk tool. If they show no signs of caution or failure then test the memory, check connections, how long since the innards were cleaned out and thermal paste was replaced?
      Sounds like you problem could be intermittent hardware failure if you can’t identify any common software action that precipitates the downfall. You are also not that far out from when the problem started so it would not hurt to do a system restore to between Christmas and the New Year, when everything was working.

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      In short, no, not really. You know who you are but the computer has to have a lot more structure so it can keep telling itself what it is by that structure

      Public takes the place of Shared now and at certain points in the folder stucture, user means something a little different. For instance in your example the first Users is pretty self-explanatory but the second one is at a program level so it is your gallery for that program and not the programs default gallery for that program…complex yes! But, as I said, that’s what a computer needs to do so it doesn’t lose itself or at least can keep track of all its bits and bytes.

      So while it seems like a obscure place to automatically save the file to you,,,the program will know exactly where it is and how to access it for its purpose, if any. It probably shoule be a bit better organized but it has inherited the nested folders method for good or ill!

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      Application includes a 16 bit add-in board. Well it fits in the original PCI slot, wasn’t that 16bit? Board grabs a memory range in the old UMB area. Software communicates with board through that umb memory area. Seems rather iffy to me, but certainly worth a try while I’m still setting up and testing this new Win7 system.

      It wouldn’t be a 16-bit board, pretty sure, but, I don’t know how you are going to bridge to that board in emulation mode. USB connection, floppy, DVD drive yes but addon board…I don’t see how to capture a PCI slot in XP Mode.

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