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      Changing Default Browser to Firefox resolved the problem.


      Thomas Cox

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      I have found an easy way to unlock a password protected document that works on the Word 2003 documents I have tried.
      No script is required. No special program either. Just Word.

      1. Load the password protected document
      2. Copy the entire document to Clipboard
      3. Create a new blank document
      4. Use Paste Special and copy as RTF file
      5. The document is now unprotected and can be edited.

      I found this out this morning when I received a file that I had to edit and found it was password protected. The author did
      not remember password protecting it, so no password was available.

      Note: using a standard paste does not remove the password protection.

      Try my method out on the sample password protected file in this thread. It works.

      If this is information that should not be made public, then please delete it.

      I would be most interested in any comments.

      Thomas Cox

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      It sounds like one of those other programs (likely the Freeware program, but it could be the last one installed or used) that has caused this problem. If you have the install files for them, or don’t care if you lose one or more of them, then I would suggest uninstalling them one by one and checking Windows Explorer’s functionality after you reboot after each uninstall.

      Thanks for the advise. The problem appears to have been in a OCR demo program.

      At least for now, the program appears to work properly.

      Thanks to all that replied.

      Tom Cox

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      Does the beginning of this problem correspond with adding any of the programs mentioned above?

      Any other system changes recently?


      The problem occured long after the other programs were installed. Program occured in stages. At times only some portions of program were not workable, such as being able to check file properties, then lost ability to copy files, etc.

      Tom Cox

    • in reply to: Deleting Leading Spaces (2003) #1144468

      Thanks to all who provided answers to my posting. I use Ctrl Shift End to highlight the document and then Ctrl E Ctrl L. Works very nicely.

      Thomas Cox

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