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      My Win10 Pro has gpedit.msc and gpedit.dll in C:\Windows\System32. I’m sure there is nothing to prevent you from copying the files to Win10 Home, but it is very unlikely that it will  actually run.

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      I have the same question. I used InControl to set 22H2 and then looked at gpedit – it still shows 21H2.

      It seems like gpedit retrieves its values from

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Group Policy Objects\{6065D7E5-D559-409E-A90D-D3133B346861}Machine\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate

      but stores it in the same location that InControl does, as well as the above mentioned key.

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      Just a follow-up, in case anyone is interested…

      Before May 2, the scheduled task would kick off at 2:00 AM every time. Beginning May 2, it would sometimes kick off at 2:00 (33 times), usually it would kick off a few minutes late (125 times), and sometimes not at all (19).

      Looking back at my records, this problem began on May 2. It might just be a coincidence, but on May 1, three April updates were applied (KB5012599, KB5012117, KB4023057).

      I find it hard to ignore that coincidence, but I’m not sure what I can do about it.

      I don’t think the problem is a Task Scheduler problem, but rather something with the OS or hardware that initiates the “wake up”. The reason I say this is because Event Viewer shows that the computer doesn’t wake up at the scheduled time. On the days that the task didn’t run, the computer did not wake up at all (at the wake up time).

      My suspicion is that there is some threshold where if it is “too” late, then whatever was supposed to awaken the computer just gets ignored.

      Unfortunately, while this seems to shed some light on what is happening, it doesn’t solve anything.

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      I use PINGSTATUS to monitor my connection.

      You can find it at OlderGeeks.com:




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      Thanks for the suggestions, Rick.

      I’ll try creating a new task, and see if that helps. It certainly seems like a reasonable thing to try, and it’s easy, too. Since this only happens occasionally, it might take some time to realize if this takes care of the problem.

      I did do sfc /scannow and didn’t see anything related to scheduled tasks.


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      Just a followup – As mentioned above, the network adapter for VirtualBox is what was causing my problem. I have discovered that any time I restart my laptop, the problem is back. I have found that just disabling it and re-enabling it clears things up. That is a hassle, but fortunately I don’t restart my laptop very often. Actually, I don’t use VirtualBox very often either, so I will probably just uninstall the VirtualBox network adapter, and let VirtualBox reinstall when necessary.

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      I forgot to log in when I posted the previous response – it was from me.

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      Sorry – I forgot to log in. That post was from me.

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      I think I’ll install it, seeing as how you had no issues. I was afraid that the 2 MB might only be a “starter” file and that it would install the entire service pack, and then I’d have to reinstall all of the subsequent updates again. Glad to hear that isn’t the case.

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      I also received update KB976932 for both of my Windows 7 machines. And they say they are 2 MB in size. Secunia PSI also reports that Windows 7 is out of date. Both of my machines were built in February 2014 and Service Pack 1 was installed at that time.

      lumpy95 – When you installed it, did it take a long time, or do you believe that it only installed 2 MB worth of updates?

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      Yes, I had figured out that other versions implement this through Group Policy’s. I was hoping someone know of Registry mods that could accomplish the same thing.

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      It seems to me partitioning would not save any disk because of the recycle bin lower limit of 1%. Each of the partitions would still have the 1% limit. The combined recycle bins would still add up to the 1% of one large partition, wouldn’t they?

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