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      In all their whining about Microsoft, I’ve noticed the Watch Archives pages were loaded with stuff that HTML Tidy Cleaned up, or Dreamweaver, when I ran the HTML through those tools. I was having an archived issue display problem, simply because of poorly written HTML. They usually do respond to reader feedback, and you might even get Woody himself.


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      Go here http://www.woodyswatch.com/windows/services.asp%5B/url%5D and click Reader Feedback, a much more appropriate place to contact Woody’s Watch.


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      What things can Wordbasic do that VBA can’t. Do you have specifics, or can you point me to a site that does?


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      WendellB is correct, one should change the owner of a database and not leave Admin as the owner, for better security. For even better security, SQL Server is the way to go. But if you stick with a desktop database application, then by all means make sure you change the owner of the database, or create it with an account other than Admin to begin with.


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      Forget the code for the Non Programmer:

      For the Path use:
      as the control source for a calculated field on a form.

      For the Name use:
      as the control source for a calculated field on a form.

      For the programmer:

      Function getCurrentDBPath() As String
      getCurrentDBPath = Left(CurrentDb.Name, InStr(CurrentDb.Name, Dir(CurrentDb.Name)) – 1)
      End Function

      Function getCurrentDBName()
      getCurrentDBName = Dir(CurrentDb.Name)
      End Function


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      This might be exactly what you are looking for. Check out this Freeware called SoftCat. http://www.fnprg.com/softcat/%5B/url%5D Not only is it free, but if you take a look at the Access database file used by the program, you’ll have a good set of tables on which you can base your own Software Inventory. You’ll want to add referential integrity, etc. but softcat is a good start for your own, or you may decide simply to use SoftCat.


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      Why not something simpler?

      I’m assuming this is in your criteria you are talking about.

      (Month([BirthdateField]) = Month(Date())) AND (Day([BirthdateField]) Between Day(Date()) and Day(Date())+10
      Which Access will make into two calculated fields:
      With Criteria for each.
      Seems much simpler than using Format to me.

    • in reply to: First & Last Name Together (Access 2000 SR-1) #556994

      There’s also exactly what you asked for:
      = [Last_name] & ( “, “+[First_Name])

      And it’s really not Tricky. The Plus sign says return Null if the First_Name field is blank. The Ampersand says to combine strings whether blank or not. So if you used an Ampersand and a First_Name was blank, you would get
      Instead of


    • in reply to: change record source for a report (Access 2000) #554025

      Hello Mark, Harry, and Emilia!

      Report_Open is actually not the only place you can set the record source of a report.

      IF, I say IF this is something just for you and not for your end user(s) you can use a DoCmd.OpenReport to open the report in design view, set the RecordSource by using Reports(“yourReportName”).RecordSource=”RecordSourceString”, then issue the DoCmd.OpenReport in Preview (or Normal if you don’t care to check things out before sending to the printer).

      The form method works nicely if you set your options on your form, then issue the DoCmd.OpenReport, and as has been discussed, have the on open event look at the form for the desired record source. you could even have code in the on open that checks if the form supplying the record source is open, and if not, cancel the opening of the report, etc.

      Naturally you’ll be asked to save the changes to the report when you close it, but you can simply choose no.

      FWIW and HTH

    • I didn’t mean any harsh tone in my post, as I re-read it I hope I didn’t come across that way.

      I never use the Security Wizard. The Form and Report wizards do most of the work for me with forms and reports, but then I tweak them. When it comes to security I learn how to do it from scratch. Wizards are nice, but it’s almost silly to have something like that for security. A wizard in my opinion, gives the impression something is easier than it really is, and I avoid them whenever possible. I even manually change my switchboards by modifying the switchboard items table. Plus I can add all sorts of code the Switchboard Manager couldn’t handle.

      I do in fact create a blank database logged on as whatever User I create for the owner of the database, and I import every object from my un-secured Access “development” database, into the newly created shell. This changes the owner to that account. That is one item often overlooked by folks new to Access Security.

      I do know there are hacks out there you can download to get into a secured Access database. Depending on where you store the database, also, seriously don’t overlook a locked door, etc.

      Nothing is totally “Secure” if someone wants to break in bad enough.


    • Listen to Charlotte and go to http://support.microsoft.com/support/acces…tent/secfaq.asp

      Download http://download.microsoft.com/download/acc…N-US/Secfaq.exe

      I’m guessing you didn’t change the owner of the database from Admin to another User. I’m guessing that doing so would have stopped you from being able to open the database when you replaced the built-in workgroup file.

      I would read the Security FAQ carefully before claiming to find a gaping security hole. I’m assuming you’ve also got the database in a secure location. Don’t forget Access is a PC database not as Charlotte said, a database server like SQL Server.

    • in reply to: 24 hour clock (Outlook 98 C/W with Win98 SE) #552850

      Clearly vCalendar and vCard are for sending someone information, not for one’s own displaying in Outlook. Milly’s answer is fantastic.

    • in reply to: Switching Modes (2000, SP1) #552239

      The Check Names feature, while handy, still doesn’t search more than one address book once it finds a match. The first single match it finds in the current address book it is searching in, it makes that selection, then skips looking in other address books.

      Outlook 2000 has Automatic Name Checking as an option that can be set to automatically Check Names. So you can type part of someone’s email address tab on down to subject, and usually it’s started filling in the addresses as you’re typing a subject.

    • in reply to: Location of Word Backup Files (2000 / SR-1) #1790046

      AutoRecover Files and Backup Files are two different things. Here’s what Word Help states about the “Always Create Backup Copy” option found in Tools | Options | Save

      “Copies the previous version of a document as a backup copy every time you save a document. Each new backup copy replaces the previous backup copy. Word saves the backup copy (with a file name extension .WBK) in the same folder as the original. When you select Always create backup copy, Word clears the Allow fast saves check box because Word can create backup copies only when it performs a full save.

      This is by design, and there isn’t a setting for this in File Locations, that’s the setting for AutoRecover Files, again, a different feature than the backup files.

    • in reply to: Modify Macro Description (Word 2000) #551917

      I believe what deseree is talking about is the Description for a macro, found when you go to Tools | Macro | Macros, not comments in VBA.

      The answer would then be, go to Tools | Macro | Macros, then select the macro name for which you would like to change the description, and simply type in a different description in the box.

      I would definitely keep people out of the VBA unless absolutely necessary.

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