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      I’m not holding out too much hope for ms to improve access to the start menu for tweaking/customizing. It seems they are moving to an apple m.o. of foisting unwanted apps upon all users, like the old Nike-iPod app and now the apple watch app – they fail to recognize a large portion, maybe even a majority, of users have no desire or need for those apps but they eliminate any means to remove them so they sit idle in some folder wasting space. It is no wonder that jailbreaking idevices has become so prevalent. I see the same future for MS if they continue on this path.

      Fwiw, nothing I could find removed the “&” entry in all apps, however I managed to break the mail, calendar and people apps and lost my ability to log into the store. Tried a restore, it failed to fix, tried a reset, it failed to fix. Finally downloaded the 10130 ISO and did a clean reinstall. All apps start menu back with no broken or odd entries but there were a slew of broken “@microsoft.something.whatever” “dead” live tiles. Up pinning them cleaned out the start menu and none showed up in the all apps sidebar start menu. So finall yhave a clean install to continue to fiddle with.

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      finally did a system reset and reinstalling the few apps I had. things look cleaner but now lots of apps are missing and lots of broken tiles showing microsoft.something.or.other.thats.missing. biggest issue I have is I can not login to the store – when I click on the sign in link, a window opens that flashes between a “just a moment” white screen with the blie rotating dots and then flashes a blank gray screen – only way to kill it is to click on the X in the upper right corner as is flashes between the two windows. this is odd since my acct login to my microsoft acct and the PC is fine.

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      Tried to post actual txt in the link from my win 10 machine but the post appears to have been killed by a moderator! I deleted the items I found that had similar txt from bothappdata locations, the “&” link remains and is still broken and now my mail and calendars are broken! I think I’ll keep my win 7 machines as is, not seeing benefit of win 10, just appears to be deeply hidden crap making it a royal pain.

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      here is text of broken entry in start menu all apps under the “&” heading, its at the beginning of the start menu list, just before the “0-9” entries:

      The thing is I downloaded the communication apps which includes a new people app which is basically an address book and it is working fine, but apparently the old app link is still remaining.

      Searched through the file folders but no sign of that entry. The only people app shortcut is for the new one.

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      I’m on 10130 and it’s no better. I created a desktop shortcut so I could copy the text of the broken link to use to search the registry and deleted all the entries I found. I then searched my entire hard drive, deleted the files I found with the same text string. Rebooted and sure enough the broken entry is still in the start menu under the “&” character heading. Sadly it looks like MS is becoming more like Apple by force feeding us apps we cannot remove and hiding them so deep it is impossible to delete them.

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      Probably time to search the registry. I’m on build 10122 still can’t find a broken app entry that displays a “?” In the start menu all apps list. Cannot right click to remove it. I ignore it but it sits there at the top of the apps list as a glaring reminder Microsoft has a ways to go before this thing is ready to release. And yes, I have posted this in the preview feedback forum, along with others. Keeping fingers crossed we get some better start menu customization and repair tools soon. Meanwhile, I’ll be scouring the registry later to see if I can find something.

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      I had twc roadrunner for many yrs and in early days i bought my own modem before voip was offered and before they had wifi modems. The rental fee savings paid off the modem in under a yr and i never experienced any problems with it. So I’ve always used my own wifi router, usually based on WS security baseline suggestions.
      Since moving, I now have xfinity and simply told them I did not need wifi. They did not give me any grief and sent me the voip modem without wifi. After reading your problems and the info about public hotspots, I’m glad I’ve held firm.

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