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    • in reply to: What’s happened to my Excel user functions…? #2534103

      Thanks. Yes, macros are suitably enabled.

      Fortunately, since this morning, I think I have managed to recover my spreadsheet to normal working order. At first, the 3 modules containing the user functions were listed on the left hand pane but could not be accessed in the main VBA window. After fiddling around, the VBA window started ‘Not Responding’ and then gave me the option to force it to close.

      On reopening Excel, a recovered file was offered and this amazingly had the 3 modules in working order. I quickly saved backup copies etc and all seems to have been ok since then, although what happened is still a total mystery!

      However, first thing this morning there was definitely a green box message in Excel (on the formula bar) saying something about changing formulas (one I’ve never seen before). To be honest I didn’t read it carefully – wish I had now!

    • in reply to: Windows 11 2H22 released, mostly #2482325

      Thanks for your interesting article.

      I agree that Tabs in Windows Explorer (aka File Explorer) should be a good new feature and was surprised not to able to see the facility on my PC after updating. A bit of googling revealed that it is there but not enabled yet on Windows 11 Home! A bit of googling shows show you can enable it yourself, or else I gather it will be enabled by Microsoft in October.

    • in reply to: Can one easily backup settings for Office 2021? #2450101

      Thanks, I’ll have a look. And I assume that the settings for Office 2021 are held in the same places as Office 365?

    • in reply to: Can one easily backup settings for Office 2021? #2450082

      Thanks. Amazing that no one’s produced a little programme to do all this automatically?

    • in reply to: Can one easily backup settings for Office 2021? #2450051

      Thanks. They all appear to be listed under  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0 which I previously associated with Office 2016.

      (Sorry, realised I hadn’t logged in when I originally posted this)

    • Followed Lars220’s advice and it has worked. Very simple process indeed. May need to keep my fingers crossed. but so far so good. Many thanks.

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    • Very many thanks for those most helpful replies. I’ve obviously got to do a little more research but the way forward is much clearer now.

      Apologies that my original post appeared as anonymous – I thought I had logged in!

    • in reply to: New Laptop – Storage problem? #2433168

      Good idea but I won’t be able to update the existing laptop to Windows 11 so probably won’t go down this route

    • in reply to: New Laptop – Storage problem? #2432986

      Many thanks for all the useful comments and suggestions. A lot of food for thought!

      I’ve had another look at the Dell website and can’t find any laptops (home or business) with other than single SSD options, but have emailed them in case I’ve missed something. Also Asus certainly had such laptops but I can’t find any now available. Perhaps the dual drive option is becoming a thing of the past right across the industry? So perhaps I need to consider Ascaris’s suggestion of the DIY 2TB SSD upgrade.

      Thanks again.

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      Thanks. Yes, I’ve had similar experiences on one of my WordPress sites, until I learned how to secure the comments facility properly!

      Doodle is an interesting case because it’s whole business depends on bots and hackers not attacking the polls etc of it’s users. I wonder why this doesn’t happen in practice…?

    • in reply to: Interactive webpage…? #2312919

      Thank you for all the helpful responses.

      In the end, I had another look at Doodle and, although it is primarily a meeting scheduling and polling website, I was able to create a page which achieved essentially what my friend wanted. (And by the way, doriel, you might be interested to know that despite using Doodle on many occasions over the years, I have never experienced any problems with bots or hackers etc. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky..?).

      Very conscious of privacy/security concerns (especially since GDPR) but, since responders will be known to my friend, they can respond using initials or a nickname etc rather than full name (or other personal data). Not full-proof I know but…

      Now up to my friend as to whether he wants to use the page or not!

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    • in reply to: Syncing IE Favorites in the new Edge #2276415

      Many thanks for that. Sounds as if it could be just the job although I may have to do a little pruning to keep within the 500 free limit.

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    • in reply to: Why am I able to see bcc addressees…? #2223376

      Good news at last!

      Whilst an email from my friend (using Windows Mail and Gmail) on Thursday morning (2 Apr 20) revealed all the bcc addresses as usual, his emails from Saturday onwards have not.

      I myself received an update for Windows Mail on Thursday (to version 16005.12624.20368.0) so I assume this has finally fixed the bug.

      I’m surprised it took Microsoft nearly 6 months to fix this issue (given the serious GDPR implications) but am glad they have finally done so now.

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    • in reply to: Why am I able to see bcc addressees…? #2135714

      Many thanks for this spot of lateral thinking. Unfortunately, we have tried it and, with the current issue, adding a ‘To’ address does not prevent the bcc addresses being visible to all.

      And, despite a couple of updates to the W10 Mail app, the bug has not yet been fixed.

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    • in reply to: Why am I able to see bcc addressees…? #2041395

      Interestingly, the bug still exists and the mail app has not been appropriately updated by Microsoft yet.

      I wonder how many people have already unwittingly breached GDPR because of this?

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