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    • There is no need to keep posting more email contents. It’s obvious they are not from WindowsSecrets. Do not download anything or visit any links from such emails.

      So what is the policy anyway???
      You ( an Admin ) says to not bother posting any more of these email contents. yet a couple of posts earlier, Super Mod, medico, say “add a post here to allow our admins to track down those responsible,etc., etc,”
      I came back here to notify WS of the obvious Spam by this Gary Mitchell guy who now wants you to make $20 in 8 minutes online? ( sure thing, Gary )
      now using an address of ”email obscured purposely”.
      Are you now doing nothing to get rid of obvious spammers?

      [Posted by a former VIP member.]

    • in reply to: google earth installation failure #1272571

      I have tried several times to install Google Earth on my W7 64bit machine, but it always results in a failure. There are many posts advising you to uninstall a previous version and/or somehow fix Windows Installer. However, I have no previous version installed. Any suggestions as to what the problem is and how to fix it?

      Hey Chuck,
      Make sure you use the Win 7 64 bit version.
      one site is here: http://www.x64bitdownload.com/downloads/t-64-bit-google-earth-download-sfuptqlr.html

    • in reply to: Microsoft Security Essentials- good or bad? #1231248

      The great thing about being forums is that we can all have different opinions.

      EVERYONE has their own opinions on various pieces of software, AV progs, utilities, etc. etc.

      I happen to be a long time user of Iolo System Mechanic. When MSE came out, I tried it on my XP partition. ( I triple boot with XP, Vista and Win 7 ) While MSE appeared to work OK, it blew SM out of the water. SM just would NOT load with MSE in the picture. Disable MSE and all was fine again. I worked long and hard with high level techs from MS and Iolo both. MS finally admitted that it was “something” with the MSE code that was interfering with SM but did not have a clue as to just what it was.
      I eventually dumped MSE and got Iolo System Mechanic Pro which has an AV and Malware features. All is well in XP now and I refuse to try it on Vista and Win 7.
      So…. my vote is NO to MSE

    • in reply to: IE refuses to go to Microsoft.com #1230193

      Superantispyware came back clean.
      Still same issue.
      I am going to format and start over.
      Thank you everyone for your help!


      Try putting Microsoft.com in your Trusted Sites. Tools>Internet Options>Security>Trusted >Sites.

    • in reply to: IE8 slows to a crawl! #1230192


      Yes, I have disabled various add-ons but this didn’t help at all. As for using Task Manager to see what is taking over… nothing unusual except that my CPU usage is at 100%. This is unusual but then again I don’t know if this is supposed to be happening since I have never checked its usage before.

      Any other ideas. Even checking what you said, began to slow my system down to a crawl once again. I had to shut IE down. Man! What a hassle.

      With the CPU usage at 100%, this is WHY your system is bogged down. Check the “Processes” tab in Task Manager to see if you can spot WHAT is taking up all of your CPU cycles.
      System Idle Process should be near 90% or more under normal conditions.

    • in reply to: Problem while deleting aptmp.exe #1229456

      Try the great removal tool called “Unlocker.” It will delete, rename or move MOST any stubborn file.


    • in reply to: Right-click on Any file crashes Explorer #1229399

      Thanks for all the suggestions. I ran Norton AV in Safe mode and this time it found trojan.backdoor, trojan.graybird, and trojan horse. Norton claimed it dealt with them, but Windows Explorer was still useless. I ran System Restore in Safe Mode and this time it completed: still no Explorer file functions. I’m suspecting more and more that there’s some unreachable virus though I can’t figure out where I got it. I’m a couple of updates behind on Adobe Reader and Flash, so maybe one of those new exploits nabbed me, but I can’t think where. I don’t go to iffy sites and I don’t use this computer for emails.

      I used to make system images on all my machines till my USB external drive died a couple of months ago. Shame on me for not replacing it right away, I guess. Anyway, thanks for your help, and if anybody else has any ideas, by all means offer them.

      Going just from memory here but have you tried to boot to the Vista CD and trying the “Repair my Computer” option?

    • in reply to: I can't get rid of incredimail! #1229398

      I installed this in order to get the animated emoticons it displayed and, instead got stuck with their email – which I did not want. I’ve tried everything I can think of to rid my PC of this junk and it’s still there!
      Any advice?

      If the usual addremove programs doesn’t work OR Revo Uninstaller doesn’t do it, check this site for additional advice. Apparently Incredimail has a rep for not being easy to remove.


      ( P.S. I’m back after my sabbatical ! )

    • in reply to: Backing up floppies #1206266

      I am not sure what the window is. Is it the small opening at the bottom of the disc, or is it the sliding bit at the top?
      I agree that if we are talking about long-term storage, it would be best to use a CD or external drive. But I use
      the floppies for active data entry and keeping. And once in awhile I will copy to another disc as backup.
      It is so easy to copy usually. And I can’t see why a brand new disc wouldn’t be writable.

      It’s the little “sliding bit” on the top right of the disc. It should be CLOSED.
      It’s made movable so that you could write protect it from accidental erasing or overwriting any important data.

    • in reply to: It's very kind of you, but… #1206203

      Is this related to an issue with the Lounge?

      1. This was posted in SCUTTLEBUTT Forum.

      2.Leif is pointing out an obvious “goof” in the WS Newsletter subscription date.

      3.But Rebel quotes Brian saying: ” In this post, Brian says that “All Mods, VIPs, etc., are receiving the paid version at no charge indefinitely.”

      Take your choice.

      BTW, I got this trying to upload a smilie. Error The server returned an error during upload ???

    • in reply to: Dual Boot Bios Boot Drive #1206017

      With a dual boot system with XP on one drive and Windows 7 on another drive what is the best way to set the “1st boot drive”, “2nd Boot drive” priority in the BIOS ?


      A nice easy to use utility to change boot order or other settings for dual or triple boot systems is EASYBCD.
      Free and the download site is http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1

    • in reply to: Backing up floppies #1206012

      I prefer to store financial data on floppies rather than on my hard drive. Recently I went to back up a floppy and when I inserted the destination disk
      it told me “Windows cannot write to the destination disc. Make sure it is not marked as read only, damaged, or in use”.
      I tried 3 different disc on which I had earlier backups (which always used to work OK) , and then a brand new one with nothing on it.
      All with the same results. I wouldn’t have thought that a new disc would be marked read only

      I have to ask the obvious.
      Are you sure the Read only “window” isn’t opened on the floppy?
      Looking at the disc, the window in the right side with the shutter should be closed to make them writable.
      With it opened the floppy is write protected.

    • in reply to: AV From The Cloud #1205278

      Hi all :

      I found interesting the info by Matthew Watchinski, head security at VRT, in a
      thread started by “polonus”, a “regular” on the Avast Support Forums at
      http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=53045.0 .

      Interesting read, Robin.
      Of course, you have to temper the fact that it’s on a competitor’s forum and may be somewhat biased.
      However, I DO think I’ll hold off using Panda’s Cloud for now.

    • in reply to: Device driver update works like Win98 #1205275


      You haven’t mentioned if you are using a driver checker program and if so, which one? If you are, it could well be that the driver checker you are using does not support Windows 7 and you may have to check for an update to that program first. Just a thought.

      I think he’s using the one in Win 7.

    • in reply to: AV From The Cloud #1205216

      Cloud computing is coming. Panda’s FREE Cloud AV.

      Have you tried this yet, Doc?
      I DL it to grab it but haven’t yet installed it.

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