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      missing punctuation
      by full stop if you mean a period (.) or other punctuation marks. i would make sure the spell checker w/grammar checker is turned on and start it at the beginning of the document. as it runs thru the document it should find each instance that should have a punctuation and suggest one like a period or question mark.

      alternatively you can search and replace. search for two spaces and replace with a period and two spaces. you’ll have to monitor it all the way thru the document.

      as stated above save your original doc and then rename it and run these changes on the renamed doc, you can always save it as the original name if all works out well.

    • in reply to: Screen goes black if I try to change resolution #1528686

      Acer AL1916W (1280×1024@60Hz) you should not try to run a 60Hz at 75Hz. You can change the resolution & high colors displayed but the user shouldn’t even have the option to change the refresh rate. If it turns black and crashes then you’ve tried to set the display at something that it’s not capable of doing.

    • in reply to: How do we get rid of this malware? #1506282

      >Was just a ‘normal’ ********.exe file, or was it a link within the .pf file name?<

      if memory serves it was an 8 or 9 digit numberic file name with an .exe (like 12345678.exe)

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      it was an .exe file hidden in the prefetch

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      one of my cllients had a virus that kept changing it’s name and restarting. i’d kill the job and delete the file and it would restart in about 15 seconds with a different name. the virus hid itself in the prefetch folder.

      i would delete all the files in the prefetch folder (not the folder, just the files) then reboot, the system will rebuild the contents of the prefetch, it will be a little slower on the initial boot up but only the first time.

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      jwitalka – interesting link, thank you

    • in reply to: Admin disabled by malware #1504722

      have you tried ‘net user administrator /active:yes’ @ a command prompt?

    • in reply to: Unable to get into safe mode #1504709

      the first thing i’d run (while in windows) is Start, Run, type in CMD, then SFC /SCANNOW (System File Checker) verifies system files are not corrupted.
      after it’s done do Start, Run, type in CHKDSK, which should refuse to run with a messages that offers to run at next bootup, allow it to run at next boot.
      (i’d also delete all the files in windowsprefetch folder, then reboot, do not delete the folder just the files in it, the system will rebuild the files on the next bootup.)

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      in older versions of windows the icon cache could periodically get corrupted. off hand i don’t remember how it got refreshed.

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      http://www.winpatrol.com it’s free
      download and install (uncheck the free trial box), check the box (under the options tab) to lock file types or it will drive you crazy when windows updates.
      run the ‘hijack log’ and save it and print it in landscape.
      http://www.blackviper.com has the breakdown of what each catagory number proforms.

    • in reply to: Advisable or not to shut down routers? #1496057

      my wife stopped using the computer for two weeks because she thought that she broke it because i changed the shut down .wav file.
      it said “you commited a fatal error, there’s nothing we can do for you, you’re dismissed”.
      i had to keep a straight face because she controls half of the check book and all of the of the thing that i married her for.

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      http://www.winpatrol.com free version – you won’t be hijacked again
      check the box that says lock files or it will drive you crazy win updating.
      during install uncheck the box that says trial period.

    • in reply to: Using Auslogics Defrag #1488616

      In my experience, I-Obits defrag is an ACME product. I proved it to a guy on his XP machine. I had him anaylize his system with the windows program, then had him run his I-Obits defrag, had him reboot his system and then re-anaylize with the windows program again. He was amazed that his I-Obits defragger did exactely nothing. Then i had him do the defrag with windows built in defragger. It took a long time to run because his system was pretty well fragmented. He doesn’t use anything but the windows defrag now.

    • in reply to: Microsoft Security Essentials message #1486087

      i use winpatrol to control things like this
      http://www.winpatrol.com (free version) (during install do not check the box that says ‘free trial’)
      on the options page check the box the says ‘lock the file types’ or else every MSM update it will ask you to verify each time the update changes a .dll.

    • in reply to: Win7 nondestructive reinstall -> black screen #1483329

      the black screen with the white cursor is called the ‘black screen of death’. it has happened on several of the win7 32 bit PCs i have here at work.
      MS has a ‘fixit’ file for that. apparently it’s a graphics problem. i got back in by using admin in the safe mode with networking and changing the graphics from 32 bit color to 16 bit color and rebooting.
      after the reboot and having the user log on i changed it back to 32 bit color and it works fine (for awhile). Periodically it happens again (which is a pain) but a hard shutdown and a normal startup and it goes away.
      i’ve only experienced it on 32 bit windows7 systems.

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