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      I am not happy with google’s intrusive and coercive demands for my phone number. I’d appreciate your exploring other, non-cloud-based options sometime.

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      sir bruce i offer you in gratitude the tribute of this bloodsoaked spherical void where the brain should have been

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      Hello and thankyou very much for all your responses. I’ve found it hard to tell what’s a ‘folder’ and what’s ‘symbolic’ with the explorer. Little arrow? I’ll keep an eye out, while wishing to have it straighforward and to do away with all ‘folder’ links in explorer or equivalent that do not show ACTUAL folders and what’s REALLY in them. I am happy to organise my own stuff. This is the same problem I have had with itunes. It seems to me a way to get a whole lot of control between people and their actual files. I wish the libraries were in a separate application and that the filetree was unadulterated.

      Many thanks for the recommendations for file management applications. I’ll try Free Commander.

      As to the “save as”, I don’t use IE, but rather Firefox. It’s in FF that the ‘save as’ option isn’t there. I even looked for an addon for that, which makes me feel a bit idiotic; this problem would seem be an OS problem. Or not? I stand ready to be informed. Do others have ‘save as’ in FF?

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      “View Poll Results: Do you like the MS Office Ribbon? Voters 9. This poll is closed”

      nine people voted and the poll is closed???????


      i can’t stand that ribbon. i fully customised my toolbars in office 2003/XP, created icons, keyboard shortcuts and macros for commands i used all the time that didn’t have them. it was great. all i want is MORE FLEXIBILITY, not this horrible force-feeding spoon-feeding.

      i am really getting to be angry with microsoft, who so badly want to eliminate as much choice as possible, because don’t you know we are all far too stupid to be allowed to have any control over anything but the most superficial aspects of the work interface some of us see 8 hours a day. pretty colours. everything big and simple and unmoddable. idiots… but who?

    • I really detest that “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” bs. We should ALL safeguard and defend with tooth and claw our right to privacy. More information means more surveillance, means greater control = more power to the surveiller, and you are dreaming if you think that power will not be abused. Here’s another pithy aphorism; “power corrupts”. Capitalism was meant to be ‘user pays’ and where there’s advertising, THAT’S supposed to pay for the thing we read/use; NOT control of the user through surveillance. The advsertisers in newspapers took their chances with the demographic and I’m not giving up my ID to give some marketing firm more opportunity to profit.
      Apropos of this gathering of info, Google has me pegged as a certain age and gender and so I’m plagued by hundreds of ads designed to play on the supposed insecurities of that age/gender. It’s extremely ugly and intrusive, this profiling.
      If i use youtube or gmail, I do not multitask, and I sign out. They want phone numbers now, supposedly to make it easier for us idiots to be reminded of our forgotten login details. Google can go to hell!! They are never getting my phone number.
      I do not use the google search engine any longer. Use google one more time to search this term “private search engine” and then quit them if you know what’s good for you.
      Now the utilities companies are also jumping on the bandwagon. Never give them an email address!
      The net, the big bad anarchic net, has been fabulous. Don’t be naive and complacent and let the likes of google and whoever take that away.

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      All steps taken as advised, all is well now and many thanks again.

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      Many thanks for this advice Gerald. I will go ahead with it and then report.

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