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      Firefox users who have the Adblock Plus plug-in installed can filter Instant Personalization info without logging out. This method will block Facebook from sharing data with any websites other than those in Facebook’s domain list. Apply at your own risk…

      add the following filters:


      The above filters tell Firefox never to allow any site other than Facebook’s four sites (facebook.com, facebook.net, fbcdn.com, and fbcdn.net) to access Facebook. Thus, Facebook continues to work perfectly, but other sites don’t get to talk to Facebook at all.

      Source: Digg.com

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      Causing both hilarity and utter amazement in the UK press at the moment

      Exceptional Fisherman’s Cottage – For Sale

      It would be a great buy if you happened to work at Dungeness… you’d never have an excuse for being late to work.

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      You could replace one of the 1GB stick with a 2GB stick therefore having 3GB of RAM, but your saying my computer wouldn’t be able to use that correct?

      I’m curious as to why you feel you need more RAM in the machine to begin with. If you’re experiencing performance issues, it’s quite likely that properly configuring what you already have will make more difference than additional memory.

      What is the driving factor in your desire to upgrade?

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      Hey Mark !! If you don’t really need an enclosure but just a way to connect an external drive from time to time, I’ve had a lot of success with a USB to IDE 2.5″ or 3.5″ Device Adapter. It’s an inexpensive, easy to use alternative to an enclosure (and it doesn’t have ANY lights.

      Interesting little gizmo… but it will not work for this particular application. It’s my main means of transporting audio and occasionally software, so protection is a must. That said, I think I will pick up one of these for the sheer handiness it provides when working on a machine. Lights, I have found, can be easily dealt with via electrical tape. Better if they’re not there at all, or at the very least not obnoxious, but that’s not the trend. I even found one that has bubble lights – yes, bubble lights – running down the sides.

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      If you’re referring to what’s in the screen shot, that’s the BIOS settings for your Intel disk controller. It’s not Windows. If you’re talking about messages that scroll by looking like


      then that’s verbose boot, which Bob’s instructions will disable. Or am I missing something altogether here? Specific messages would be helpful if they do not correspond to the screen shot.

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      It certainly sounds as though you’re starting in safe mode, which displays a list of all the drivers and devices loaded. A normal boot does not display this information and shows the Microsoft logo instead.

      Check your boot options. Right-click My Computer, select Properties, click the Advanced tab and then finally click on Settings under the Startup and Recovery tab. What is listed under “Default Operating System”?

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      Service Pack 1 is installed. I was hoping to figure out the problem with BE prior to the installation of SP2 on the server – you know, just in case. wink

      BE version is 10d. It is not backing up client PCs, only the server itself (which includes user data in a shared folder).

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      That’s what I found out this afternoon whilst digging in the Sonicwall settings. The two high-end models support VPN licenses out of the box, but not the one we have – which will accept a max of ten, probably more that I will ever need it to handle. It might just be easier to get an older box, put it in the DMZ, and use it for tunneling.

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      So true… you create a lot more administrative and support tasks because of poor multi-user support in earlier versions of Windows. The software that I mentioned earlier is from a major company, and is distributed far and wide – I can’t believe they don’t support a more modern security model. shrug It is what it is, I guess!

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      I’ve solved at least part of my problems by making locally logged in users administrators on their machines. I added Domain Users to the local administrative group, so that solves the problem with the software package we have.

      I also changed the DNS server entries on the firewall so that the server as well as our static IP would propagate to the workstations. That solved the name resolution problem. Mind you, the policy that changed is still in place somewhere, but it’s moot now that users can resolve names to IP addresses.

      Now, to figure out that VPN. I discovered that the Sonicwall firewall can also serve as a VPN endpoint – I’m starting to like the little device now, although it’s not as flexible as a server.

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      Thanks Joe… that will help. I’m seriously contemplating backing up the user data, blowing out Server and reloading it. Since we have a small group (9 total) I think it would be beneficial in the long run, because then I would be starting with a known quantity. There truly are few benefits to having a domain for a group of this size, although the ability to have roaming profiles is nice. Not to mention, I’d just like to learn it!

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      I’ll have to dig and see what policies apply to authenticated users. That sounds accurate.

      As it relates to the firewall, I think simplicity would demand that it simply passes traffic on to the server, and the server fills the DHCP role. I’m trying to make the best of a mess that existed when I arrived at the company!

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      Yes, the firewall has always been the DHCP server – but maybe it shouldn’t be. There was no place in the configuration to enter the DNS name, although the permanent IP address that I recently had set up was entered and everything was working properly – until the VPN Wizard did its thing. I’m almost certain it’s a security setting that was changed, because the functionality isn’t gone, just hard to get to.

    • in reply to: InDesign Resources #1104164

      I’ll have to check out Deke’s work. I agree with you, I don’t need a reference that walks me through various steps – I already know the basics of InDesign, it’s the advanced functionality that I want to unlock, but only when I have a need for it! Thanks, Paul.

    • in reply to: Setting up VPN on Win2003 R2 #1104149

      Joe, sorry it took so long to get back on this one. Here are the details you requested:

      • One hardware firewall (SonicWall) where the Internet connection comes into the building. It also serves up DHCP leases to clients.
      • One physical server, Win2K3 R2 as the base OS. When I refer to “servers” I’m using it in the more generic sense, meaning that the server applications are set up and running – on one physical box.
        • Domain Controller (operational)
        • File Server (operational)
        • FTP Server (not operational
        • VPN/Radius Services (not operational)[/list]
        • This server is the domain controller, among its other functions. I realize this is a lot to cram on one physical server, but I haven’t been able to loosen the purse strings far enough to get another box yet.
        • There are approximately 10 client workstations at this time.[/list]Again, my biggest single problem at this point is that domain members can resolve the server’s IP address, but all other workstations must have the entry in their HOSTS file. This “change” occurred when setting up VPN services.
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