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      It’s not normal behavior, that’s for sure. But the registry and policies can be set to do things like this – perhaps your mouse driver, more likely a setting gone awry, but who knows which one.

      Try running the system file checker, and re-applying the service pack (not IE, Windows). And a search of the Knowledge Base wouldn’t hurt either.

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      The reason that this happens is because Windows 2000 has this really annoying habit of opening folder windows in a new process. You can kill it by doing this:

      In an Explorer window, go to Tools -> Options and select the View tab. In the list of options, uncheck the “Launch folder windows in a separate process” box.

      This will do two things for you: it will increase system performance slightly, but will also decrease system stability – one explorer process, one crash, shell all gone. But Windows users should be used to that kind of thing

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      You could substitute this line instead of the current DELTREE:

      ECHO Y|DEL C:WINDOWSTEMP*.* to force a deletion of all files in the directory without wiping out the folder, and answering yes to the prompt that would normally appear.

      Alrenately, you could also add:
      MD TEMP

      immediately after the DELTREE – clunkier but also workable.

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      An alternate to include the images is cluncky but would work…

      On the HTML page that you want to send, right click on the page and ‘view source’. Then save the resulting text document as pagename.htm and attach away. This will keep the image references and links relative and they should be openable anywhere.

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      This sounds almost like an ASP page that is coded and expects to find a value that is not there. I would wonder what kind of data you are using in the pivot table – try making sure there are no null values.

      This can, but not always of course, be caused by dynamic data where the page’s code is created on the fly by ASP or some other code.

      If you can send or post partial source of the page where it seems to fail, it may help.

      Remember that you are dealing with data, and that nearly everything in a dynamic page is an object – the data elements, the data source, the login to the sending app, etc.

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      I had the same problem with FP2K and the only solution was to have the site admin change the password. I don’t know if FP is tying something in the app to the password for authentication. Feature or a bug? Dunno, hope that changing the PW is an option for you – and that it is the solution that works if you choose it.

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      So much for that one….I tried copying a renamed file to our production web server along with the include pages. The problem persisted. It followed the web to the personal web server from the test machine, which is actually Win2k server and IIS 5.

      Could there be something wierd in my code that is flaking this out? I jus’ don’t get it.

      Or, do the _vti_cnf folders *have* to be there? I know they are for publishing purposes but their role is unclear.

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      A thought for you to consider:

      You didn’t say what type of connection – SCSI, parallel, or USB the scanner is – but it is possible that under Windows 2000, the port that it is attached to is not enabled – particularly the USB port.

      If you have a proprietary motherboard (and maybe even if you don’t) you may need a chipset update. The VIA Apollo chipset is one of these – as soon as you install the motherboard update all kinds of cool things happen, such as scanners working properly.

      Check in the device manager. Is the scanner listed? If it is, is it in conflict with something else?

      You may also want to drop Umax a note and ask them about 2k peculiarites.

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      I’ve seen these before and attributed them to Microsoft’s way of doing things but never paid them any mind. However, there is a _vti_cnf folder under each directory in the web – should all of these be renamed/moved? I made a copy of the entire web and simply deleted them.

      After removing all of the _vti_cnf folders I tried to view the pages and again I cannot see any of the included HTML files.

      ARRRRRRGH!! Any other ideas I can try?

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      Extensions have been installed and checked several times – three or so within the last few months. All the other cute FrontPage components work fine, except for the INCLUDES.

      I’m half tempted to publish a few pages to the real web server and see what happens to eliminate the possibility that it is the decelopment box, but I don’t relish the idea of having that kluge out on the real website. Publishing it to the local server hard drive did not work.

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      You’re officially accredited into the world of weary Windows installers. Unfortunately it means nothing for your pay, and if your friends find out you will be deemed a guru of Windows. Watch out!

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      NOt an easy way, but what you want to do could be accomplished using JavaScript. Since you mentioned that you’re new to developing pages check out these sites for starters in scripts:


      Using JavaScript you can create child windows and destroy them, and pull off other neat tricks. Also – the FP ‘new window’ feature only works if the web host is on an IIS server. If the host is a Unix/Apache server without Microsoft’s wonderful extensions, all kinds of things – including this – will cease working.

      Good luck!

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      Quite honestly, I didn’t know that FP used styles unless you coded it into your pages. I’ve never had that problem with it, unless there was some direct formatting applied somewhere in the code, or unless the style sheet was linked to it. Is it applying font faces and indents and all that good stuff, or what?

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      Aye, Steve, you’re getting so good at installing Windows!

      Under the NT code base, which includes Windows 2000, you can’t just run setup over itself again and keep all your programs intact. BUT….

      ANd I should have thought of this while replying to your other post. You CAN do something really cool that might save your butt: first, make yourself some boot floppies from the CD.

      Next, boot the PC and let it load all its stuff into memory. Then select the ‘repair’ option. Just accept all the defaults. This might be your ticket to immortality – at least with your apps. It will check your registry and all critical system files and replace as needed so have your install CD handy when you do it.

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      You know Steve,

      I wouldn’t say that you are screwed but I will say that this is a very thorny problem at least and a total mess at worst. I would say a lot of it depends upon how much troublshooting you want to do. Do you want to take this to the nth degree and fix it? Or are you willing to back up your critical information, format again, and reinstall a few apps? Chances are very high that a re-install would work. From your description, it sounds as though a file is missing or a DLL (OCX, whatever) is not registered any longer. If you can’t reinstall the service pack it’s not a good sign.

      For better or worse I have resigned myself to the occasional re-install to correct my problems, since I regularly beat my OSs into submission and they end up being a pain to deal with. You may think differently or have no way to back up your critical data.

      Remove any recently installed applications and see if the problem is corrected.

      You could try a parallel install, which is to install Windows into a separate directory and independently of the first – if you have the disk space. You could the a) migrate slowly to the new install or determine if it is a hardware problem of some sort that will occur again and again.

      The other thing that I would suggest is tedious but could help. Try disabling all the startup services and apps that you absolutely do not need. You may need to edit the registry to accomplish it, but it’s entirely possible that you have a faulty driver or component loading that is preventing the spooler from working.

      You’re not screwed. OK, maybe you are but after a while you get numb to the fact that PCs do this kind of thing.

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