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      Media Player Classic has been my favorite for several years. I use it nearly every day

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      For several years I have been using a wondershare program, Video converter. I have been impressed by the program.

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      Another program which allows you to modify mp3 files is audacity, A free multi-track audio editor and recorder .

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      I find a program named Snagit quite helpful. A simple click of the Print Screen key allows me to copy any section of the screen and convert it to a .jpg picture. In the process I can make edits to the picture which can then be inserted into the PowerPoint slide.

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      I use what I think to be a usable method. I create only one folder for each year, the name of the folder being the year number, such as 2013. I rename each photo as follows: first digit is the month 1, 2, 3, … 9, A, B, C. the next two digits are the day of the month. next the underscore _ followed by the camera assigned sequence number followed by the name of the person(s) in the photo. This makes it very easy to view and find photos using a browser such as windows explorer, Irfanview, etc. When I have several photos taken on the same day, I use the Bulk Rename Utility. Irfanview makes it really easy to rename each photo by using the F2 key.

      While this may seem to be a bit of work I think it worth the time as I can find photos very easily and quickly. I got the month-day idea from an Olympus camera which automatically affixed the month and day.

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      Amazon and Paypal both allow a serious gap in their security. Neither requires an on-line purchaser to provide the security code found on the back of a credit card when making a purchase. If a hacker can somehow get into your account with either of these two companies (s)he can easily make a purchase using your card. I have had a charge made to my PayPal account by a person simply using my name. Needless to say I have had to set up my own security measures to prevent this happening again via these two companies.

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      PayPal does not require the use of the security code found on the back of one’s credit card. This means that if someone can hack into PayPal using my name and account number then they can make charges on my account. I had one person make a charge on my credit card through PayPal using only my name. This resulted in my having to get a different card number.
      If hackers can hack into the Pentagon (which they did) then it seems reasonable to assume that they can also hack into PayPal. I don’t think it too much for PayPal to require one simple extra step – that of requiring the CCV number for each payment made. Each year I have made on-line purchases in excess of a thousand dollars. I do my best to avoid any on-line merchant which requires payment via PayPal.
      I ask that you refuse to do business via PayPal unless they change their policy and begin to use the extra security step of requiring the security code on the back of one’s credit card. Your using a company that shows a lack of regard for the security of the customer also reflects on your company.
      BY the way, Amazon also does not use the CCv number for verification either.

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      Ted Myers (Lounge VIP ) wrote, “They have trained their fingers and minds to do what is necessary to do their jobs most efficiently, and will be the least willing to adapt to the ribbon.”

      I say, “Why should I have to spend a lot of time having to almost start over in order to use a program which I have been using for years.?”

      The Microsoft software writers are brilliant, but in my estimation they often lack common sense. Consider, for example, integrating two powerpoints together. In powerpoint 2003 if I wanted to insert slides from one powerpoint into a PPT I was working on I went to ‘Insert’, then ‘Insert slides from file’. In powerpoint 2010 you go to the Home ribbon, then New Slide , then down to ‘Reuse Slides’. It makes sense to me that if you want to insert slides you go to the insert ribbon. I had click on the little ? in the upper right corner in order to find out to discover this change.

      hrdubwd stated , “…it was designed explicitly for rank beginners or children.”

      I agree. That is all part of the dumbing down of America.

      MS should spend more time perfecting good software into great software rather then making changes for change sake.

    • What Google is collecting is mostly anonymous information. What should worry more people is that PayPal, Amazon, and others store and keep ALL of the credit card information, including the 3 digit security code on the back of the card. It is unnecessary that they store the security code, but they do. I have had my credit card compromised by paypal , but never again.

      Should someone hack into their database, the hacker could make charges on anyone’s card whose info is stored. Shame, Shame, Shame.

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      Catharine Richardson – asked :
      > You mean so that the player travels with the presentation, so that whoever plays the presentation will use KM player?
      > If so, I don’t think there is a way to do that.
      > If you just mean on your machine. I believe PPT uses your default media player. Someone else can correct me on that.

      No regarding your question.

      PowerPoint allows for inserting ‘controls’. For example, you can insert
      the control VideoLan VLC ActiveX Plugin v2 to have the VLC Player play a video in your PowerPoint presentation (sometimes, that is. Some versions of Win 7 crash Powerpoint 2010 when this control is inserted if you use the wrong edition of VLC player.)

      What is needed is a control for the KM Player

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      That is affirmative.

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