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      I run Office 2003 and components of Office 2007 on Windows 10. Since I did not care for the Ribbon in Office 2007, I installed the full Office 2003 Pro on the Windows 10 test mule. The mule is a spare PC Dell Precision T-7400 dual CPU accessed with a KVM switch. It is running a Samsung Pro 850 SSD and 8 gigs RAM with a clean install of Windows 10 which is constantly updated. I installed Outlook 2007 due to a better calendar and added in Word 2007 and Excel 2007 just for kicks, but the install sits beside Office 2003 rather than replaces it. I know that’s not the best idea, but this is a test mule computer with nothing important on it. No problems running either version of Office Pro. I also run Open Office to view any spreadsheets or Word docs just to test that software as well. My main PC is Windows 7 – but I am a diehard Windows XP Pro user with several backup standalones running it.

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      Looks like the processor is being underrated and a more powerful one such as a Xeon will be required, and an SSD drive!

      He is running an Intel i7 @ 3.4GHz CPU. No need to upgrade…

      I would start by turning off Windows Search and using “Search Everything” instead. Also go into Advanced Settings and set windows for “best performance” to get rid of the eye candy effects.

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      Nice to see another enthusiastic & impressed w/ Windows 10! Sure is a joy to use! Especially like Multiple Desktops! Like the clock you have. Thought I’d share a couple shots, myself, too… One is for the sake of the Start menu, the other a way to ‘see’ (ALL) Applications.



      How did you get to the APPLICATIONS folder and view that display in your JPG picture?

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      That was a lot of information. I just used a spare PC and a spare wiped hard drive – put the 64 bit ISO file on a thumbdrive and installed it over a fresh Win 7 with no data or programs. No VM, No Dual Boot, No data loss.

    • I use RAMDISK to run Cyberfox 64 bit browser. I have 16 GB ram so I can allocate a few GB to the RAMDISK. My PC is using a Samsung 840 Pro SSD for the OS and games and I’ve run the computer with system managed Pagefile, manual set Pagefile, No pagefile, pagefile on the second HD, two page files, etc… Haven’t seen much of difference and no problem with pagefile turned off.

      There are settings that allow the RAMDISK to write all your data to the SSD or HD when you close the RAMDISK, if you want to save history, cookies, and stuff like that. One of the drawbacks if you don’t set the RAMDISK to autostart (and I don’t) – you have to start it before firing up that browser or program.

      It really makes for one snappy browser running with RAMDISK.

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