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      Question: Looked up in MSINFO32 the information. My Secure Boot State is “Off”. The bios shows UEFI, using Lenovo latest bios update for my machine. Is this of any concern, the SBS being off?

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      I have FIOS and all I have from them is the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) located in my garage. From there I have an Ethernet cable running to my control box in the basement with Ethernet running to the rest of the house’s computers,, TV, certain cameras and the router. That works great since I have my router in the middle of the home and do not need extensions or MESH. My other home is on ATT and they insisted I use their router. Like many have said before, I turned off their WIFI and put the router into bypass mode to my MESH system. Works great as I have solar powered cameras outside the home and need the extra connectivity.

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      Excellent article and it generated one question which I have not seen answered. I used to disable my AV (Norton after McAfee) for driver updates and Win updates. I have since moved to Windows Defender or whatever it is called now. I presume since it is a MS product it is not necessary to disable it? Or should I be safe and also disable it when upgrading? What should we do with other security software such as Malwarebytes? Disable or not?

    • A real struggle with these last patches even with a 7 day delay on a stock machine. Had problems printing to my Canon MX series printers both wireless and USB. MS Troubleshooting found no problems. Finally I realized it had to be the newer .net framework versions messing with the printers. I eventually reset the printers by deleting and adding back the drivers and then restarting and that cured the issue. Why this happened and wasn’t caught before rollout caused an unwelcome 3 hour trouble shooting delay in three computers work.

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