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    • in reply to: Hive ransomware taken down #2529544

      No one cares about doing something about this kind of stuff

      I imagine the victims who received encryption keys without having to pay a ransom care very much.

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    • 2022-05 .NET Security-only Quality Rollup KB5021079

      Thank you for posting. It appears this should be 2022-12?

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    • in reply to: Thunderbird: A worthy alternative to Microsoft Outlook #2479067

      When I first tried to set this scenario up, I found that the issue was that once any TB account polled gmail for new mail – that mail would not download onto the other computer.

      I have been using Thunderbird for many years. I have it set up on my home computer and the portable version on a USB drive to use at work. Both are POP. I have no problem with it downloading all new emails on each instance, so it’s certainly possible under POP.

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    • I have two Hotmail accounts. I started receiving the alert on one about 10 days ago. The other began receiving them about 5 days later.  When I checked on the IP address of the “unusual activity”, it was a Microsoft IP so I’ve been ignoring them. Despite the part about the account being disabled, neither of mine were.

      I haven’t received a notification since yesterday evening, so maybe it is fixed.

    • in reply to: Need help with batch file [RESOLVED] #2448280

      If you go into Computer Management, you can assign a drive letter to that drive. I suggest choosing a letter near the bottom of the alphabet, since it would be unlikely to ever be used otherwise. My flash drive, for instance, is Drive Q every time I plug it in (daily). If for whatever reason that doesn’t work for you, post back and we’ll try Plan B.

    • in reply to: Computer Password Bypass Possible? #2427600

      Try pressing <F12> as soon as you see something on the screen after power-up. I usually do a constant “peck” on the key, something like twice a second. With luck, you’ll get the boot menu screen, where you can choose to boot to your USB drive.

      That may not be the right function key, or it may not be enabled on your laptop, so it may not work. It’s worth a try, though. Good luck.

    • in reply to: A better remote desktop connection #2422661

      … the Anydesk installation footprint much smaller than Teamviewer’s.

      In fact, Anydesk doesn’t need to be installed to work.

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    • Oscar,

      I have no familiarity with Macs so maybe this solution isn’t possible or effective, but I will offer it in case it’s useful. Create a separate login (not an administrator account) and give the shop that login/password. HTH.

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    • in reply to: Bitlocker question #2400141

      If you open File Explorer, click on This PC, and right-click on the encrypted drive, do you see an option to Turn Off Bitlocker (or something similar)? (I can’t remember what the exact wording is, and I don’t have access to a computer with an encrypted drive at the moment.)

    • in reply to: how to prevent date formatting in csv files #2396450

      My first thought is that it would be most efficient to try to enforce your data-entry requirements on the front end, i.e., the form the customers fill out. Is that a possibility?

    • Joe,

      Thank you for your suggestion. The script I posted in the OP works fine for pulling the information. The issues I’m trying to resolve are that it includes


      as well as padding each line to (I assume) 80 characters with blanks. I can work around those two conditions, but it annoys me that I can’t get cleaner output.

    • RG,

      I completely understand, and I very much appreciate you taking time to try. As I said in my OP, I can work around it, but it seemed like a problem with an easy fix.

      Thanks again.

    • RG,

      Here’s what happened when I ran that:

      PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> $Users = Get-ADUser
      If ($Users.count -gt 0) {
      $Users[0] | gm >> d:\ADUser-Members.txt
      cmdlet Get-ADUser at command pipeline position 1
      Supply values for the following parameters:
      (Type !? for Help.)
      Filter: !?
      A filter, such as ‘samAccountName -like “admin*”‘, which is used to search the directory for matching users.
      Filter: SamAccountName -like “*”

      I have attached the output file.

    • RG,

      I got the same (blank) results with each OU. What should I try next?

    • RG,

      Thank you very much for the reply. Unfortunately, the output file I got contained just one blank line. It would appear that $Users is not being populated in Line 2. Any thoughts?

      Thanks again.

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