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      At this point they’re still trying to fix 11, so why not introduce a new version and try to get everyone to jump? It’s happened before (XP after ME, 7 after Vista, 8.1 after 8), no reason they wouldn’t try again.

      I’m still happy with 10. It largely stays out of the way and lets me do my work without bugging me too much. Start menu is ok, taskbar works, apps work. Telemetry could be better but it is what it is. I have no desire to run 11 in its current state; I hate the Start menu and the changes to both the taskbar and the right click menu. All of the above needs to be fixed before I consider installing. I would imagine 12 will have none of those issues.

      Good version, bad version, good version all over again. Typical MS.

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      I use Chrome for everything but I do not save passwords in any web browser. All passwords are saved in KeePassXC with a strong master password. I share my KDBX file amongst devices from Google Drive, which itself is behind 2FA.

      Just about every password I use is unique, with most of them being 20+ mixed characters (upper, lowercase, numbers). Some include special characters.

      I do use the uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger extensions in Chrome, and I also am running a Pi-hole at home so all devices on my home network are safer from ads and prying eyes.

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      Sounds like perfect use cases for Lubuntu or Xubuntu.

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      I wish Gordon Kelly would quit getting paid to write articles.

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      “Is Windows 11 ready? Are we ready?”
      No, and I’m not.

      I’ve replaced several Win10 machines with M1 Apples, and just ordered a base M1 Pro MBP 14″ and a base M1 Max Mac Studio today. I want nothing to do with Win11.

      My last Win10 machine (a Ryzen 9 5900x / 5700XT / 64 GB RAM / 3 TB SSD, 8 TB HDD workstation) will eventually be reimaged to Ubuntu, probably within the next few days. I don’t like the direction that MS is headed and as such I’m refusing to use their products anymore.

      We have 0 plans at this point to upgrade to Win11 at work via SCCM deployments, and as soon as I’m eligible for a new laptop, I’ll be requesting a MacBook Air. (As soon as we finish switching to the ZTNA VPN appliance, which AFAIK does have a native Mac client.)

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      Citation(s) needed.

      M1 chips have shamed anything and everything from AMD and Intel for the last several years.

      The only thing Apple has been caught fabricating lately is the notion that the M1 Ultra outperforms a 3090 which has been proven to be false (and was already a questionable claim to begin with).

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      I was hoping that KB5005463 would not be offered to systems using Windows Update for Business deferrals, but after doing some testing with a VM, that is not the case. After the quality update deferral period is up (if there is one being used), I was offered KB5005463 in my VM.

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing ill comes from this update. (In other words, GWX 2.0.)

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      My managed 21H2 Pro desktops (120-day feature and 14-day quality update deferrals) are not showing anything.

      My throwaway 21H1 Pro VM (which has no Windows Update for Business settings applied) is showing “Get ready for Windows 11” and a link to run the hardware compatibility checker.

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      And here I am going to the total opposite end and installing Ubuntu yesterday. 😀
      I’m still running deferral-managed Win10 Pro on 2 of the desktops in the house, but otherwise… I’m going to try to ‘daily drive’ Ubuntu for awhile and see how things go. I have Win11 compatible systems, but they’ll never receive the upgrade as long as I control them. Win10 to Ubuntu looks to be my eventual upgrade path.

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      My Win10 desktops run on the 120 day feature update deferral, so they’re all currently running 20H2 which I’ve had no issues with. However, 120 days ends up tomorrow, I believe, so I’m about to eat a 21H1 upgrade any minute now. Keeping that in mind, I’d go ahead and run 21H1 at this point since 20H2 is basically towards the end of it’s support life, unless of course you defer feature updates greater than 120 days. 🙂

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      I just bought a used DS220j which was already upgraded to DSM 7.0-41890. I was worried about this, because I’d heard that DSM 7 was not a good upgrade to take on the DS220j, and that people with this particular unit should stay on DSM 6.x. That being said, so far I have not had any issues with DSM 7 on this unit, and it has been running like a top as I would expect a Synology to run (given my past history/experience with them). 🙂

      I would suggest searching for your model + DSM 7 and see if anyone else has reported any issues. Again, from what I’d read, it was not a recommended upgrade to take for my model, but so far so good. [knock on head] 😀

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      Forgot about the keyboard shortcut.
      Besides, most of the time I’m RDP’d in to a box and half of those times I’m on a Mac…. so keyboard shortcuts only get you so far. Mouse is easier to remember. 🙂

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      Wholeheartedly agree.
      Win11, with the removal of some of the power user/admin tweaks and tools (such as right-click on Start menu)…very disappointing. At this point, I’ll run 10 until the wheels fall off. Probably have to switch to 0patch at some point, I would imagine – I’m ok with that.

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      The good thing is, most newer Intel and AMD CPU’s have a built-in embedded TPM that can be enabled in the computer’s BIOS. Intel calls theirs PTT and AMD calls theirs fTPM. If you have a CPU with this functionality, you simply enable it in the BIOS – no need to buy a separate TPM module. More info here: https://helgeklein.com/blog/how-to-check-windows-tpm-status-enable-cpu-amd-ftpm-intel-ptt/

      Basically, the CPU TPM is no different than a motherboard TPM module. Most newer laptops come with TPM built-in to their motherboard, especially due to their portable nature. Most desktops do not come with a TPM module, outside of the one that may be embedded in the CPU. As I said in my previous post, all of my current Win10 systems have fTPM, as they are all Ryzen 3xxx series. Definitely check your CPU for compatibility before going out to buy a TPM module.

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      Generally Win10 does what I want, when I want, and it stays out of the way (but is updated frequently enough based on 120-day feature deferrals and 14-day quality update deferrals).

      Every Win10 system I own is eligible for Win11 from a hardware perspective, including UEFI, SecureBoot, and even Bitlocker/TPM (since I can enable fTPM in each system’s BIOS). However, I don’t want Win11. Not as it is. I hate what they’ve done with the Start menu, mucking it up even worse than Win10’s is.

      I did just recently buy a Macbook Air M1 laptop and I absolutely love it. Build quality and battery life are absolutely top-notch. And, MacOS also does what I want, when I want, and it also stays out of the way.

      If they fix the Start menu, I may end up running Win11. If it were released tomorrow though, it would never hit any of my systems outside of a VM for farting around. If I ever reach a point where I cannot run Win10 anymore, from a security update perspective, I’ll start running the current (at the time) LTS of Ubuntu.

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