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AskWoody Plus Newsletter: 2020 articles — January through June
17.25.0 — 2020-06-29
Patching @PKCano A Win10 guide for Windows Update settings
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — ScreenToGif
Patch Watch Bradley June updates crash printing
Small Business Segal Eight ways to grow email lists for small businesses
17.24.0 — 2020-06-22
Web Development Fastie What is your Web presence?
Android Spector Three of the best Android file managers
On Security Bradley Wanted: Your views on Windows/Office patching
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — Deanna’s list
17.23.0 — 2020-06-15
Small Business Computing Babinchak Office tools: Something old, something new
LangaList Langa Unexpected shutdowns suddenly plague Win10 laptop
Patch Watch Bradley Windows 10 2004 is slowly rolling off the assembly line
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — Spydish
17.22.0 — 2020-06-08
Woody’s Windows Watch Leonhard Coming to a PC near you: Win10 2004, the ‘May 2020 Update’
LangaList Langa Is Windows’ ReadyBoost worthwhile in Win10?
Upgrading Windows Bradley Determining what’s blocking Windows 10 2004
Best Hardware Lasky Helpful items for working during the pandemic
17.21.0 — 2020-06-01
Hardware Fastie Terabyte update: The hard-drive price advantage
LangaList Langa ‘I hit my laptop ’cause I got angry’
Patch Watch Bradley Windows 10 2004 has left the barn
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — Marxio Timer
17.20.0 — 2020-05-25
Windows 10 Hay Cheap Windows 10 product keys — Are they legit?
LangaList Langa Security risks: Wired Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi
Windows Basics Bradley Setting up a new PC: The first steps
Website Development Segal Security basics for small-business websites
17.19.0 — 2020-05-18
Social Networking Spector Zoom: Is it safe?
LangaList Langa How USB booting leaves a digital trail
Patch Watch Bradley .NET Framework oddities and ESU issues highlight May patching
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — Open Hardware Monitor
17.18.0 — 2020-05-11
On Security Bradley BSoDs can be a good thing — really!
LangaList Langa A weird “Known Folders/Event 100” error
Small Business Computing Babinchak COVID-19: Protecting your customers
Office Spector The new Office for Android
17.17.0 — 2020-05-04
Safety Parker Simple ways to receive severe-weather alerts
LangaList Langa 750MB of undeletable log files!
Patch Watch Bradley Is it safe yet?
Windows 10 Capen Controlling Windows update downloads
17.16.0 — 2020-04-27
Windows 10 Bradley 2020’s Windows 10 2004
LangaList Langa ‘Overprovisioning’ your SSD
Photo editing Spector Photoshop Elements: Fun with pictures
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — Staying at home edition
17.15.0 — 2020-04-20
LangaList Langa Unrelenting flood of EVTX files chokes 1TB drive
Patch Watch Bradley Microsoft Office gets a drenching of updates
Photo Editing Segal Comparison: Affinity Photo, GIMP, and PaintShop Pro
Index Staff AskWoody Plus Newsletter: 2020 – Q1 articles
17.14.0 — 2020-04-13
Woody’s Windows Watch Leonhard Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365: Less here than meets the eye
LangaList Langa Hardware settings mess up Chrome and Firefox
Small Business Computing Babinchak Managing remote workers
Social Networking Whitney How to make friends with Skype
17.13.0 — 2020-04-06
Social Networking Spector Keeping in touch — from a distance
LangaList Langa When File Explorer stutters, loses focus
Backup Tannard Simple and cheap data backup and storage
Photo Editing Segal Review: Affinity Photo
17.12.0 — 2020-03-30
On Security Bradley COVID-19: The challenges of working from home
LangaList Langa Win10 update breaks a USB modem?
Patch Watch Bradley Win10 optional updates placed on hold
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — A Thousand Words
17.11.0 — 2020-03-16
LangaList Langa Hard drive runs almost continually
Security Lasky Conference showcases a tsunami of security products
Patch Watch Bradley Win10 cumulative update gets an update. Don’t panic!
Apple Mac Parker Switchers: Taking a bite of the Apple — Part 2
17.10.0 — 2020-03-09
On Security Bradley How small businesses are easy ransomware targets
LangaList Langa Is your deleted cloud data really gone?
Apple Mac Parker Switchers: Taking a bite of the Apple — Part 1
Utilities Capen Updates to the AskWoody Ultimate Utilities List
17.9.0 — 2020-03-02
LangaList Langa How to tell if software truly needs updating
Patch Watch Bradley Questions on controlling Windows 10 updating
Office Whitney Managing multiple email accounts in Outlook
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — KillEmAll
17.8.0 — 2020-02-24
Woody’s Windows Watch Leonhard Windows 10X: Future fireworks or another dud?
LangaList Langa Say goodbye to Windows’ screen-saver app
Win7 Extended Support Bradley More help with Windows 7 extended support
General Computing Whitney Comparing three file-compression tools
17.7.0 — 2020-02-17
Small Business Babinchak RIP FTP: There’s a better way to share files
Patch Watch Bradley The trials and tribulations of Windows 7
Virtual PCs Capen Making an old PC virtually immortal
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — eToolz
17.6.0 — 2020-02-10
Woody’s Windows Watch Leonhard Important developments in the world of Windows
LangaList Langa PC screen continually goes dark
Small Business Babinchak How we automated the Win7 ESU-purchase process
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — security.txt
17.5.0 — 2020-02-03
Troubleshooting Whitney Tools for monitoring drive health
LangaList Langa Locked out due to one broken keyboard key?
Patch Watch Bradley Microsoft agrees to clean up a small Win7 mess
Yearly TOC Staff AskWoody Plus Newsletter — 2019 articles
17.4.0 — 2020-01-27
LangaList Langa Another January casualty: Windows Media Center
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — ForensiT Transwiz
Security Lasky Remedies for common password pains
17.3.0 — 2020-01-20
Windows 7 Bradley Closing the book on Windows 7
LangaList Langa Win10’s default lock screen is a wasted opportunity
Patch Watch Bradley 2020 patching starts with a bang!
Woody’s Windows Watch Leonhard Say hello to the latest and greatest Microsoft Edge
17.2.0 — 2020-01-13
Networking Whitney How to manage your router — Part II
LangaList Langa Let your PC start the new year right!
Cloud Services Babinchak Before moving to the cloud, check the foundation
Best Utilities McElveen Make your favorite utility the default app in Win10
17.1.0 — 2020-01-06
Networking Whitney How to manage your router – Part I
LangaList Langa Office updates fail … and fail, and fail
Patch Watch Bradley No fireworks, closing out 2019 updating
Best Utilities McElveen Freeware Spotlight — Infinite Password Generator