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ISSUE 17.27.1 • 2020-07-13 • MS-DEFCON 2: Make sure Windows is locked down
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With Patch Tuesday arriving tomorrow, make sure Automatic update is paused

Woody LeonhardBy Woody Leonhard

Every month we see the same pattern — Microsoft releases a bunch of security patches on Patch Tuesday, and some of them cause problems. Meanwhile, those clickbaity headlines warn you to PATCH NOW or come down with a terminal case of halitosis.

Simple truth is that Microsoft’s patches these days have a non-zero chance of making your machine go bananas — but we haven’t seen a true emergency security patch in many, many years.

Yes, you have to patch sooner or later, but you don’t need to install patches as soon as they’re available.

Fortunately, holding off on the patches is pretty easy if you know the tricks. Full step-by-step details are in my Computerworld article. If you need help, or have any questions, we’re fully engaged on the AskWoody Lounge.

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