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  • August updates causing issues with multi user QuickBooks

    Mitch McCarley reports that his clients are impacted by the August patches and multi-user QuickBooks.

    It looks like the August 2021 Windows Updates are causing an issue in QuickBooks.  We are unable to open QB in multi-user mode, and also QB is having a hard time opening QB data files on mapped drives.  Intuit Support said it’s a known issue possibly related to recent Windows Updates and there is no fix at this time.

    He went on to say

    There were a few issues:

    –  QB could not switch to multi-user mode.

    –  QB could no longer find the previously opened file.  When I tried to browse to the mapped drive, the mapped drive not listed under This PC in the QB explorer.

    –  With Network Discovery on and the required services enable, I could browse the network to the server and find the data file.

    –  I could open the file directly from the mapped drive.

    Intuit Support only knew there was “known issue probably related to a Windows Update”, but had no other details.

    I’m also still tracking issues with group policy deployed printers. Microsoft has made a mess of the printer deployment via group policy.  If you have v3 printer drivers they are prompting for administrative rights.  If you are an IT pro I’ll urge you to join the conversation on the list where everyone is still trying to figure out a solid solution.

    A reminder for home/consumer users: If the patch is installed and you have no issues with printing, leave the patch installed, don’t uninstall it.

  • DEFCON 2 – August updates include Print Spooler fixes

    And they are out…..

    August updates include fixes for the Print spooler bug that wasn’t quite fixed last month so if you disabled the print spooler as a precaution you can re-enable it.  (1) For businesses, I’d recommend that you leave it off on your domain controllers and only turn it on machines and servers where you absolutely need it.

    I’ll be researching and reading and testing and as always more details will be in the newsletter this weekend.

    Until then:

    1. Ensure that your backup software is functional and you have a good solid backup. If you have any questions, remember to visit our forums.
    2. For those of you with spare machines, use this time to test the impact. Given that we know it’s fixing issues with the print spooler software – remember specifically to test printing and scanning.

    Resources to read:

    Point and print driver change

    edit 8/12/2021 (1) Leave it disabled or keep your extra paranoid surfing level enabled , it’s still not fixed.

  • The August 2021 Office non-Security Updates have been released

    The August 2021 Office non-Security updates have been released Tuesday, August 3, 2021. They are not included in the DEFCON-4 approval for the July 2021 patches. Unless you have a specific need to install them, you should wait until Susan Bradley (Patch Lady) approves them and any problems have been reported.

    Remember, Susan’s patching sequence and recommendations are based on a business environment that has IT support and may have time constraints on the updating process. Consumer patching should be more cautious due to limited technical and mechanical resources. The latter is the reason for the AskWoody DEFCON system.

    Office 2016
    Update for Microsoft Visio 2016 (KB4504718)

    Office 2013
    Update for Microsoft Visio 2013 (KB4504728)

    On April 10, 2018, Office 2013 reached End of Mainstream Support. Extended Support will end for Office 2013 on April 11, 2023.
    Office 2016 also reached  End of Mainstream Support on October 13, 2020. EOS for Office 2016 is October 14, 2025.

    Updates are for the .msi version (perpetual). Office 365 and C2R are not included.

    Security updates for all supported versions of Microsoft Office are released on the second Tuesday of the month (Patch Tuesday).