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  • How to fix OneDrive file-synching problems

    Because it’s included with Windows 10, there’s a good chance you’ve used OneDrive as a helpful tool for backing up files and/or synching them between devices.

    But as with any program, you can run into hiccups with OneDrive; files don’t get backed up, synching fails, and so forth.

    See the full story in the June 3, 2019, AskWoody Plus Newsletter (Issue 16.20.0)

  • Troubleshooting: Use system images to fix major PC hassles

    Windows 10 has a built-in (and ancient) whole-disk backup tool called System Images. It works, most of the time, but you need to know about the gotchas. You can also use System Restore points – as long as you had the foresight to turn them on in advance.

    Michael Lasky takes you through the built-in basics in the new AskWoody Plus Newsletter 16.17.0 — out this morning to Plus members.

  • There goes another excuse for not backing up

    Just got a message from Noel Carboni.

    I just ordered another new backup drive from Amazon (via your home page link), a MyBook 8 TB drive.

    The price was decent I think – $169.99. For EIGHT TB. I’ve seen Seagate 8 TB drives for less, but I prefer the Western Digital brand myself.

    I would post this on your site in a post encouraging people to do backups – but I don’t know how to format the link to make sure you get your commission.

    Problem solved. 🙂

    Seriously, this is an amazing price for a very capable piece of hardware. If you aren’t doing backups, you just lost another excuse.

  • Get those full system backups working!

    I got this message from JIY – and what he says is absolutely right.

    There is an underlying theme with all this updating, upgrading, clandestine goings-on.

    That is, very few people make system backups. There are a whole bunch of comments over the last few days that could have warranted the response, “What is your most recent backup?” To which you know there would be no good answer. And no, we’re not talking about restore points. This is a full system backup on a USB hard drive, facilitated by EaseUS Todo Backup (free), Windows itself, or something else.

    I have dealt with enough friends’ system problems (repeat offenders) to devote a 1.5Tb Seagate to backup duty. Get it fixed, updated, and then backup immediately. A full backup of my 2Tb (1.81 actual) which is 1.66 unused takes about 35 minutes under USB 2.0 to that drive. That same drive holds my Windows 1.04 file copies of the 720K originals … and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

    $80 for a backup drive is cheap insurance. Even if you were lazy and ran backup only twice a year you still could “get out of it”. Seems that backup declined along with the decline in bluescreens? Anyone who has seen a disaster reversal (especially on a laptop)  would agree it’s the ultimate “undo”.

    In cases of Windows 10 failed prevention, a backup may be invaluable.

    Microsoft made a good move in Windows 10, by bringing back all of the Windows 7 backup capabilities – which are extensive. But I wanted to make two points.

    First, there are plenty of good, free system image backup programs available. I’m currently recommending Comodo backup – as you all will see next week.

    Second, there’s an incredible bargain on external backup drives this week. Amazon is listing the Western Digital 1 TB “My Passport” USB 3 external hard drive for $64.19. If you’re a Prime member (I am, and recommend it), you get shipping free. I’ve never seen a name-brand external hard drive that cheap.

  • Symform – a fascinating idea about backup

    I had never heard of Symform before reading this article in InfoWorld.

    My first reaction, just as the author says, was “you gotta be kidding, I would NEVER do that.”

    But then I read the details – and it makes sense. A completely different approach to cloud backup. I wonder if it’ll fly?