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  • Learning to program PowerShell with AI


    Bruce Kriebel

    By Bruce Kriebel

    The media has been ablaze with headlines shouting that AI will put programmers out of jobs.

    Less discussed is how AI can help professional and even novice programmers learn a new language. An excellent case for this is Windows PowerShell.

    PowerShell is, well, powerful. It’s a great tool for writing scripts, especially special-purpose or time-saving scripts that solve tiny problems in a way that allows customization so that you get the exact result you desired. But PowerShell is very different from the command-line language handed down from the earliest days of MS-DOS. That makes learning it daunting.

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  • Taming Copilot


    Susan Bradley

    By Susan Bradley

    I use devices that include artificial intelligence and cloud services, and you probably do, too.

    For example, I regularly ask Alexa about the weather: “Hey ,Alexa — what’s the seven-day weather forecast?” That helps me know whether it’s going to be cooler on the weekend so I can garden. I have apps that control thermostats, security cameras, and garage doors. Amazon can open my garage door and drop off packages so they don’t get stolen by porch pirates.

    So it’s not that I’m against using cloud services or voice-activated devices.

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