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  • Massive Twitter hack: Don’t send bitcoin in response to a Twitter request

    This is happening right now…

    The Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Apple, Kanye West, Mike Bloomberg, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Uber and many more were compromised by persons unknown. They’re sending out tweets that look like this:

    Not sure how Twitter is going to fix it.

    P.S. You can watch the Bitcoin account get larger here. As of 3.30 pm Pacific time, it’s at 12.86030607 bitcoin, which is worth roughly $118,000.

  • If you have Bitcoin, better give this service outage warning from Coinbase a thorough look

    I don’t comment about Bitcoin very often. After all, anything I say today will be off by 20% or 40% by tomorrow. Suffice it to say that Bitcoin’s been going through a roller coaster ride seldom experienced in the real world.

    Coinbase, a big Bitcoin trading market, issued an official notification on Dec 7 at 8:18 am PST:

    Identified – Identity verification is failing to complete for a significant number of customers due to high traffic. We are working on restoring services as soon as possible.

    Check out the Coinbase outage map at — which, if anything, probably understates the situation.

    Good overview from Coindesk.

    The world’s largest bitcoin exchanges by trade volume are reporting significantly varying prices as the cryptocurrency’s price soars to new all-time highs, market data shows. In some cases, the differences amount to more than $2,000 in value, particularly among some of the most voluminous exchanges.

    With an official launch of Bitcoin futures coming on Sunday, starting with CBOE Global Markets then quickly moving on to the CME Group exchange, heaven only knows what’ll happen

    The Guardian is staying on top of it all, in real time.

  • We’re now taking Bitcoins

    I’m finally being dragged into the 21st century…

    Along with the other donation options — Patreon, PayPal, shopping with Amazon, check or cash, all explained in the top right corner of this page — we’re also taking Bitcoin donations:


    Our income’s still meager, but it’s enough to keep the lights on. Thanks to all of you, especially our donors.