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  • Finally, a fix for Microsoft’s draconian block on Win7 updates for recent processors

    Remember Microsoft’s not-so-subtle hint that it won’t support Win7 on newer processors? Remember how the April security and Monthly Rollup patches knocked out Windows Update on systems that were running older processors?

    Looks like MS is atoning for at least one of its sins.

    Tucked away at the bottom of the Win7 update info for KB 4022719 is a note that goes like this:

    Installation steps for systems using AMD Carrizo DDR4 processor:

    1. Download KB4022719 from Microsoft update catalog.
    2. Extract the CAB file from the downloaded .msu file from step 1. Note the path where you stored the CAB file for use in step 3.
    3. Run the DISM /Online /Add-Package command to install the update: DISM.exe /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath: CAB file path from step 2.

    So if you don’t mind downloading the patch from the Update Catalog, and installing it with a DISM command, you can restore Windows Update functionality to computers with older Carrizo DDR4 chips.

    I have no idea if this fix works on the other machines that Microsoft inadvertently clobbered, but at least it’s a start.