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  • 0patch posts a patch for the “PrintDemon” security hole CVE-2020-1048

    I still haven’t seen any in-the-wild exploits for the security hole announced last week, PrintDemon or CVE-2020-1048 — and I still don’t recommend that you install this month’s patches — but those of you running Windows 7 without the paid Extended Security Updates should take note of the latest “micropatch” offering from 0patch.

    According to the 0patch blog:

    Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 users without Extended Security Updates have just received a micropatch [from 0patch] for CVE-2020-1048, a privilege elevation vulnerability allowing a local non-admin attacker to create an arbitrary file in an arbitrary location.

    When time comes to install this month’s patches, if you don’t have Win7 Extended Security Updates, you should keep this micropatch in mind. (It’s OK, I’ll remind you if you forget.)

    Just a reminder: We’re still at MS-DEFCON 2. There are no widespread threats out and about and you don’t need to patch just yet. Go outside and get some fresh air. At a distance, of course.

    Thx @etguenni