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  • The astoundingly low price of malware

    Posted on December 7th, 2017 at 03:36 woody Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    When it comes to malware, I thought I was too jaded to be shocked. Wrong. I just saw this infographic from Andrei Barysevich at Insikt Group and I’m still scraping my jaw off the floor.

    In the past 20 years, the cybercriminal underground has evolved from a handful of disperse message boards, mostly built around mundane e-commerce fraud primarily conducted by Eastern-European fraudsters, to a highly complex ecosystem that we now call dark web. Today the shadowy world of the internet is comprised of communities divided by various geographical regions, specialty, and the experience of its members and is capable of supporting both entry-level script kiddies and the masterminds of incredibly sophisticated attacks, such as the Taiwan ATM heist and malware attacks on Russian banks, which netted threat actors tens of millions of dollars.

    It’s taken from a post last month on the Recorded Future web site. Well worth reading.