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  • CleanSweep2 — When you need extra hard-drive space fast


    Deanna McElveen

    By Deanna McElveen

    My first use of Windows was 3.1. Back then, I didn’t know how fast a graphical user interface was supposed to be.

    If the operating-system gods determined that Netscape Navigator would take a full minute to load, who was I to question it?

    Today, I question that a lot. There are things in Windows that are slow. Very slow. Not just third-party programs, either. There are features of Windows itself that are just as slow now as they used to be.

    Disk Cleanup is a good example.

    Read the full story in our Plus Newsletter (19.33.0, 2022-08-15).

  • Delete the updates?

    Reader RM writes:


    What happens to all the Vista Updates after they have been installed. Are these files still on my computer, and, can I delete them or just leave them alone?

    Many updates leave dregs on your hard drive, primarily because many updates can be “uninstalled” and the snippets are necessary to return your PC to its original state.

    Some people advise that you can delete the dregs, and give instructions for doing so manually. I say, “Why bother?” If you’re running out of room, follow the instructions in any of my books to run Windows Disk Cleanup. Better, go out and splurge $50 and get a second, big, hard drive. If you aren’t running out of room, fuhgeddaboutit.