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  • The Surface Duo is now official

    Ho hum.

    Microsoft is now taking preorders for the Surface Duo, with delivery starting September 10

    Two screens of Android phone (each screen at 1800 x 1350), a 19th-century hinge, 6 GB of RAM, and wide, fluid expanses of bezels. For a mere $1,400, you get 128 GB of storage ($1,500 for 256 GB) — and a free nano SIM card, if you go with AT&T. $75 for a pen, $200 for earbuds or $250 for headphones.

    Developers can  “optimize the layouts of their apps to really take advantage of the two displays and span across them.” I’m guessing that we’ll see maybe two developers who spend real money to make Duo screens work. “There is an algorithm in there that’s very smart and trying to be predictive. If you’re on one screen and you’re invoking a link, it will fill the other screen.”

    A worthy addition to the Surface line, eh? The Surface D.O.A.