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  • Today’s the day – Flash EOL has arrived

    Today’s the day – Flash EOL has arrived

    Back in 2017, Adobe announced it was “planning to end-of-life Flash”. Yes, this has been posted about before… Well, the time has now come. Pop-ups have been seen in those machines still using it, for a bit now.

    If you have questions about what happens next, Adobe has a page full of questions and answers here.

    If you’re looking for articles on how to uninstall, check out Martin Brinkmann’s ghacks post.

    (and yes, only half the world is having New Year’s Eve already – Happy New Year to all)

  • Yes, Microsoft says Win10 has hit 800 million devices

    Gregg Keizer has a solid – and suitably skeptical – summary in Computerworld:

    Microsoft on Thursday said that 800 million devices are now running Windows 10, a 100 million increase in less than six months.

    Microsoft has regularly touted numbers for Windows 10, most of the time, although not always, by citing the active monthly devices, or those personal computers, tablets and other systems used within the last month.

    The 800 million number is sufficiently fuzzy that it’s hard to say if that’s monthly active devices, or just installs and/or activations, or some other metric. Microsoft’s number page says, simply, “There are more than 800 million devices running Windows 10,” dodging the definition quagmire. Says Keizer:

    Using the 12-month average change in user share, Computerworld recently forecast that nearly 41% of all Windows PCs will be running Windows 7 at the moment it falls off Microsoft’s support list.

    That’s an astonishing number.

  • Viivo End Of Life Just Announced

    PKWARE’s Viivo data encryption has just announced it will be shutting down from the end of the month, with their servers ceasing to operate a year later.

    Viivo’s free and paid services have added to the security of cloud storage over recent years, giving extra peace of mind to users of offerings like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box. These users will now be looking at their options, so they can decrypt their Viivo files within the given time. Find out more on

    PKWARE are also known for their zip products, as well as encryption.