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  • How you can use generative AI images — legally


    Brian Livingston

    By Brian Livingston

    Suddenly, image-creation programs based on generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) have exploded into one of the most exciting tech breakthroughs we’ve seen in years.

    A big problem is that the developers of these capabilities — and perhaps you, if you use them — are being sued big-time. The charges are copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property from the artists whose works were “scraped” off the Internet to train the systems.

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  • Photoshop Elements: Fun with pictures


    By Lincoln Spector

    Special effects aren’t limited to Hollywood movies anymore — or professional photographers.

    Today, with some help from image-editing apps, even a snapshooter can perform photographic tricks — place yourself somewhere you’ve never actually visited, turn black-and-white into color (and vice versa). With the right tools, almost anyone can cleanly remove people from a photo — without cropping! (Are you paying attention, Match subscribers?)

    There are dozens of photo editors to choose from, but I’ve been using Adobe’s Photoshop Elements for longer than I can remember. It’s the cheaper and somewhat less powerful version of the classic Photoshop. It’s rare that Elements lacks a tool I need … but then I’m not a professional graphic artist.

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