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  • Apple’s non-event fall event


    Will Fastie

    By Will Fastie

    The company went into stealth mode.

    On October 18, Apple announced some new products. This fall announcement, coming as it does just before the Christmas season, is usually one of Apple’s Hollywood productions. Not this time. The announcements were so stealthy that I didn’t realize anything had happened until two days later.

    I wasn’t the only one. Other commentators expressed surprise over the handling of these announcements. I can only conclude that these new products were not as dramatically exciting as others, although I found at least one of them notable.

    Read the full story in our Plus Newsletter (19.45.0, 2022-11-07).

  • Tablet or laptop?

    There’s a lot of ink gushing about tablets with keyboards – neither a laptop nor a tablet, but both at the same time. Surface Pro 4, iPad Pro, Google Pixel-C, Samsung TabPro S – they’re all competing in the same space.

    For business use, the winner’s not clear at all.

    Galen Gruman nails it at InfoWorld.