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  • M3 powers new MacBook Pros and iMac


    Will Fastie

    By Will Fastie

    Apple is infamous for making nebulous comparisons, but this time it has gone too far.

    Apple’s dark (Halloween) event a week ago was mildly disappointing. The company finally got around to announcing its previously expected M3 family of silicon and refreshed the MacBook Pro series as a result.

    The problem is that it wasn’t all that exciting. With a few exceptions, these were moves the company had to make, even though they will not generate the same sort of excitement as previous M1 and M2 announcements.

    The centerpiece of the event was silicon, a set of chips Apple calls “the most advanced chips ever built for a personal computer.”

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  • Apple announces new Mac products

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    ISSUE 20.05 • 2023-01-30


    Will Fastie

    By Will Fastie

    The MacBook Pro and Mac mini are upgraded to new versions of Apple’s M2 system on a chip.

    All models became available last Tuesday.

    There’s not a lot of news here. The move to the M2 series of Apple silicon was inevitable and expected for both product lines, so the new products are not much of a surprise. But it’s important to keep up, because Apple silicon keeps evolving.

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  • Is there a Mac in your future?


    Silvia Eckert

    By Silvia Eckert

    With the new MacBook Pro, Apple takes another step toward its own chip future, leaving Intel behind.

    Apple’s event on Monday, October 18, showcased its new MacBook Pro laptops — an all-new 14-inch model and an update to the 16-inch model. But the real news is the new Apple silicon inside, the M1 “Pro” for the 14-inch model and the M1 “Max” for the 16-inch.

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  • Switchers: Taking a bite of the Apple – Part 1


    By Nathan Parker

    With the end of free support for Windows 7, many users are looking at alternatives to Windows 10. And some are considering jumping to Apple’s Mac platform.

    This two-part series is an introduction to the world of Mac for those thinking about making the switch from a Windows PC. (A more-detailed verion of this article can be found in the AskWoody forum.)

    In this installment, we’ll cover the various types of Mac desktops and notebooks. We’ll also give tips for setting up a new Apple system. Part 2 will provide a general tour of the macOS operating system, discuss keyboard differences, and delve into Mac security concepts.

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