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  • Win10 market share up a bit, Win7 down a smidgen, and the browsers haven’t changed much at all

    Along with my usual caveat that the statistics don’t mean much – the raw numbers are enormously skewed, the massaging methods run all over the place – it’s a bit comforting to know that the relative position of Win7 vs Win10 and Chrome browser vs the world didn’t change much in December.

    Netmarketshare says that Win10 went from 53.3% to 54.6% of desktop share between November and December. Their Win7 number went from 26.9% to 26.6% of desktop operating systems.

    Statcounter pegs Win10  at 64,6% to 65.4% of Windows market share. Win7 decreased just a bit from 27.5% in November to 26.8% in December.

    Browsers didn’t budge much at all, with Chrome staying around 67% to 69% and Edge bobbing around 5 to 7%, depending on whose numbers you prefer.

    All tolled, I figure there will be about 400 million PCs still on Win7 when it hits end of life in a couple of weeks. Ed Bott has an impressive analysis on ZDNet. He figures that by the middle of 2020, about 200 million PCs will be running Win7 or 8.1.

    My estimate’s much simpler – and more immediate. I figure there are twice as many Win10 machines as Win7 machines right now. MS says there are about 800 million Win10 machines, so there are about 400 million machines that’ll be on Win7 in a couple of weeks.

  • Win10’s usage share is up — but not by all that much

    Numbers are out for September usage of the various operating systems. Here’s the Netmarketshare analysis, showing Win7 still holds 35% a little under 30% usage share:

    Of course, my standard disclaimer applies: None of the measuring methods is very good. The only real conclusion you can reach by looking at the numbers is to compare how they change from month to month.

    Still, with four months left to go, Win7 is hanging in there pretty well, eh?

  • Windows 7 market share UP in January

    No, I don’t believe the numbers. But this one’s gotta tickle yer fancy.

    According to NetMarketShare, Win7 went from 36.90% share in December to 37.19% in January.

    At the same time, Win10 went from 39.22 to 40.90%.

    Don’t believe the numbers. Do believe the sentiment.

    Gregg Keizer will have a much better breakdown later today. I’ll update this post when it’s up.

  • The topsy turvey world of Win market share just turned turvey topsy – Win7 doing down, Win10 going up

    Last month was a (pleasant) anomaly. All is now right in the Windows world, and Win7 usage share is going down again.

    Gregg Keizer has the details in Computerworld.

  • August Browser and Operating System share numbers mixed


    NetMarketShare has pegged Chrome at or near 59% since February, with an imperceptible downtick July-to-August. Edge has been around 5.6% since February. The only gainer? “Other.”

    StatCounter puts Chrome at 54%, basically unchanged since April. Edge has been at 1.7% since January. IE continues to decline.

    Operating Systems:

    NetMarketShare pegs Win7 share as down about half a point from 48.91% in July to 48.43% in August. Win10 is up about a third of a point from 27.63 to 27.99%.

    StatCounter says Win7 slightly dropped a percentage point to 45%, down from the 46% since April. Win10 is up almost a point, from 36.93% in July to 37.87% in August.

    You can draw your own conclusions, but the bottom line is that almost half of all Windows users are on Win7, Chrome is declining a little bit, depending on whose numbers you trust, and Edge has gone nowhere fast.

    Gregg Keizer should have a full report in Computerworld shortly.

  • Windows 8 usage declined in June while XP usage increased

    … he says, shaking his head…

    InfoWorld Tech Watch.