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    ISSUE 20.20 • 2023-05-15


    Will Fastie

    By Will Fastie

    On May 4, Microsoft announced the “next wave of AI innovation.”

    Well, we’ll see about that.

    There was no parade, nor any hoopla associated with this announcement. The entirety of the presentation was in a single blog post, which might have gone unnoticed had I not received an email from a Microsoft spokesperson telling me about it. That was unusual.

    But that’s not the news.

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  • Microsoft Edge Privacy Whitepaper

    Microsoft has published a very detailed whitepaper on Microsoft Edge data collection. It is very long and detailed. It explains what data is collected, why it is collected, and how to turn off the collection. No doubt this is a response to the article that surfaced a couple of weeks ago concerning tracking in browsers. You may read the article at [url=]Microsoft Edge Privacy Whitepaper[/url].

  • Remembering passwords with Edge

    Just got a good question from reader Mike_L

    You recommend Roboform for the password keeper.  However, with the elimination of add-ins in EDGE, Roboform will not work with EDGE.  The following is what Roboform support sent to me:

    No steps have been made on Microsoft’s side. It is up to them to decide whether or not they want Edge to allow extensions. All our attempts to integrate Roboform with Edge are nullified by their decision not to allow ANY extensions with Edge. Sorry. We will follow up immediately once they change this policy.

    They appear to place the blame entirely on MS which it probably is.  Knowing MS, they probably won’t be in any hurry to accommodate Roboform and it does not sound like Roboform is too eager to look for a new way to interface.

    You’re all right. Edge doesn’t support any add-ins at the moment — including LastPass, which is why I don’t use Edge much. Without add-ins, and with all of its feature shortcomings, it’s definitely not ready for prime time.

    We’ve been promised that Edge will get many of those features, and it’ll support add-ins using the Chrome programmability features. But I have no idea when we’ll see those improvements. Until we do, Edge is still half baked.

    See Where Windows 10 stands right now.

    As you know, I use Win10 all day, every day. I’m using Google Chrome right now when going to my usual places, and switch to Firefox when I don’t particularly want to leave a crumb trail for Google. (I looked for a particular kind of sofa last week, using Chrome, and now all my pages have ads for this particular kind of sofa. Ooops.)

    Chrome and Firefox both work great in Win10, in my experience. Maybe some day Edge will be up to the challenge. We’ll see.