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  • SMB security changes in Windows 11 might affect your NAS, too

    WINDOWS 11

    Mary BranscombeBy Mary Branscombe

    It’s going to get harder and harder to connect to your NAS as a guest with SMB. That’s a good thing for security, but it could be a problem if your hardware is older.

    The Server Message Block (SMB) network file-sharing protocol lets Windows applications read and write files stored on servers in your network, including Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. SMB underpins a lot of Windows network technologies, such as Storage Spaces Direct and even network printing. The print spooler is essentially just a file, after all.

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  • TrueNAS and Windows together


    Ben Myers

    By Ben Myers

    TrueNAS is installed, so let’s put it to work in the world of Windows.

    My first article about TrueNAS left everyone on the edges of their seats, excitedly wanting to see how TrueNAS becomes part of a small network to be used as a local repository for our personal information.

    Edge of your seat? Okay, probably not. But it was the best place to split a project article in two. I left you hanging at the TrueNAS Dashboard, the starting point for any and all actions needed to make TrueNAS useful.

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  • Setting up your own cloud


    Ben Myers

    By Ben Myers

    I began a pilot project to see what a NAS (Network Attached Storage) computer could do to improve data backup and management here.

    We have the usual collection of flash memory sticks and USB drives — and maybe, just maybe, we are not proactive with saving important information. It makes no sense to pay an annual rental for a Windows server license. There are several Linux distributions built for the specific purpose of hosting a NAS. Each of them, once installed, provides administration through the browser of a computer connected to one’s local area network.

    Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

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