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  • Are you having trouble with Win7 patch KB 2952664 and Norton Identity Safe?

    Can you reproduce this? From reader TB:

    Windows 7 update kb2952664 has been around in several versions for about two years now. The latest came to me on 13 April 2016 – and it had a surprise inside!

    First, the routines and applications contained in this update all date from either March or April 2016 – it’s all new stuff.

    What’s REALLY new is that the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser that’s installed seems to be more aggressive. I use Norton Antivirus and Identity Safe. These products don’t work with Microsoft’s Windows 10 browser, Edge and this is not new news. However, this update seems to take action: when I installed it, I could not access Identity Safe, even though I am running Windows 7. Apparently, the update modifies some of the code that Norton uses.

    Why am I so sure? This was the only update I installed. When I installed it, Norton’s toolbar told me to ‘Access Vault’ in the Identity Safe box. If I pressed on that button, I saw a message: ‘ Reboot needed’. I did that, and nothing changed. There was no way to access the Identity Safe vault. When I uninstalled the update, Identity Safe worked again, the same way as it did before.

    Determining what needs to be done and leaving flags for Windows 10 to use is one thing. Disabling software I paid for and should be able to use while I use Windows 7 is something else.